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January 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Oftentimes people tell me that they don't want to have pictures made in the winter because it's so ugly out.  I am not going to lie, Clarksville, Tennessee has not been the prettiest lately BUT there is always a reason for capturing memories!  Since it was somewhat rainy and gloomy we decided to go to downtown Clarksville to use all of the color as a backdrop.  On my way there I couldn't help but be in awe of all of the beautiful fog around me.  As soon as I got out of my car and hugged Lacey, she mentioned capturing the fog in some images.  We were thinking alike!!


Sometimes how I meet people is an interesting story.  This one is great!  My friend Christina from Saved By Grace Photography has a family that she regularly photographs.  Basically the family is part of her family without the genetics!  I have gotten to meet them as I have helped on some of their family shoots.  Well when the mom, who is also named Lacey, was ready to deliver her baby, she wanted a birth photographer.  Christina just happened to be out of town that weekend so she sent Lacey to me!  I went to the hospital where she was supposed to have her cesarean section and waited -- only to find out, they wouldn't let me see her until two hours after the baby was born!  So I sat with Lacey's family in the waiting room and I also made friends with another photographer.  When I got to go meet the baby I was introduced to the baby nurse, which happened to be THIS Lacey!  lol!  I followed the baby to her first little bath and absolutely fell in love with Lacey's easy gentle way and I fell in love with that sweet baby too!!  By the time I left the hospital I regretted not becoming Facebook friends with the nurse!  I finished the gallery, (that should be a blog post soon!) and my client Lacey contacted me and wished her nurse Lacey could see images of herself working.  I had a friend who also works in the same unit and she agreed to share the gallery with nurse Lacey!  So that is how we met!  It turns out she lives not too far from me and we scheduled a session!!!


Anyway, back to the session!  I got to meet Kevin, who didn't seem to think I was a stalker, which was a bonus.  lol.  He was super nice and also enjoys photography!!  

After we did a few images in downtown we decided to see if we could capture the fog before the rain came in, so we ventured down to Clarksville Marina's wetlands!  I have always dreamed of shooting there on a foggy day.  I had one client who wanted to shoot there once but it was the middle of summer when it was packed with fishermen.  We were hoping to have a rare moment of vacancy down there. 

Sure enough, we got there and it was gorgeous!! It wasn't super foggy, which was a bummer but we made it work.  It was raining pretty heavily by the time we left!!  If you are ever in Clarksville and want a photographer for this area I AM IN!!!

I love how sweet these two were.  Kevin was so sweet to her and didn't mind at all that I was dragging them around.  I know they were hungry!  They were on the way to Blackhorse for brunch, which they said was AMAZING, but I heard NO complaints!  I hope I get the chance to shoot for them again soon!!  I have more to blog about this session but I think it will have to be a two parter!!  Thank you all for reading this!  Do you have a location you've always wanted to have a session at?  Where?