Rogers Kerr Wedding

March 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I started photography people I used to work with were so supportive of my journey.  Through the years they have commented on posts or liked images they saw.  Cynthia Rogers was one of those supporters.  She was a teacher when I was first a cafeteria monitor then an educational assistant.  She is one of the most talented teachers I have ever worked with and everyone loved her!  I was so excited when she messaged me.  She was tentative in her message.  She was planning a small intimate wedding with her fiancé.  She knew she wanted it photographed but wasn't sure if it would be worth my time.  The funny thing is I have ALWAYS wanted to photograph elopements and small weddings.  IT IS MY DREAM!  I, of course, being a professional played it cool.  I SCREAMED and wrote when and where in all caps back to her.  lol. (I am so not cool!)


I met Cynthia and Jeff at Starbucks and I immediately was struck by how attentive they were to each other.  Then they spoke and I came to tears a couple of times.  You see Jeff would talk about Cynthia's sweet boy and what a great little buddy he was and he would have tears in his eyes.  Cynthia would talk with pride about Jeffs girls and they would hold hands and laugh.  Then they told me the story of how they met and their first date.  We laughed so hard and I loved hearing their stories.  

They got married at Cynthia's parents house and Cynthia's step father went all out and was so excited.  (The entire family were just so happy!!). They were so laid back and just truly glad to get married.  They made it so exciting!!  

They even used their antique prayer bench!!



I love how two families became one.

I LOVE how the kids love each other.  

This guy didn't want any pictures alone.  He wanted his new sisters to be with him in each picture.  It was the cutest thing ever.  During the ceremony the kids stood right by the bride and groom and they were so adorable.  

They kind of stole the show at times, I will say.  Since I know this bride and groom I can say they will laugh when I say that!

I loved when little B was holding the rings in his pockets and gave Jeff the wrong one.  We all got tickled!!

This is my favorite of how cute the kids were.

During the ceremony I loved how they looked at each other and just how happy they were!

During the ceremony they had a prayer and asked all couples to hold hands and reaffirm their own vows and I LVOED that!!!

Soon the ceremony was over - but it was so excellently done!  Then we did group. pictures of all the guests and with all the guests.  

This was just such a pretty March day!  The wind was lovely and the sunshine was gorgeous!

If you want to know how everyone felt after the ceremony was over - to finally be a family, this describes them to perfection!

Yay!!!!!!  EVERYONE was so happy!!  I am thankful for this family.  I am thankful they asked me to shoot this wedding.  They weren't sure since it was small.  I offer elopement packages that start at one and a half hours JUST for this.  What a fun day!