When should I schedule my senior pictures?

May 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

You or your child just finished sending their senior friends out into the world and celebrated their graduations.  That makes you a what?  SENIOR!!!  No more are the lower classman in school.  You are a mere matter of months from graduating yourself!  Moms, how did this happen???  Weren't they just watching Barney on repeat then High School Musical?  How are they the graduating high schoolers?  Come on.  Get your head in the game!  lol!  Even though you are mentally trying to block senior year out of your mind, she has the class ring, her cheerleading photo announced "SENIOR" in bold, and the school is notifying you that it's time to schedule those senior photos.  Really?  Yep!! Really!! 

Now is the time to get on the schedule of your favorite photographer, if you aren't already.  Most of us are booked through weekends right now and only have a select number of days available in our calendars.  No time to bury your head in the sand!!  Get on the portrait bandwagon.  

When is the best time for Senior Portraits?  I would say that depends on the look you want but we did most of my daughters portraits in the summertime.  There is no pressure to be somewhere.  They are tan and flowers are ONLY in bloom in the summer, in our little area in Tennessee.  If your child can do an afternoon after school then fall is another option but keep in mind, most photographers fill up their time with family sessions and weddings in the fall so you have to book early!  If you wait until Spring, it's a rush and often times the photographer charges additional fees to get the galleries to you quicker and the senior has senior-itis, not really caring about the images!  If you wait until spring you also stand the chance - the very real chance - you will be rained out multiple times.  So what is the first step?

First, find a photographer who's style you love.  Do you want your child to have gorgeous indoor sport shots?  Those take a very special niche and there are photographers excellent at that.  (Ummm not me!  I have no studio!)  Does your senior love to hunt or hang tobacco?  Does he love to golf, play baseball or canoe?  Those are all things that can be showcased.  Does she love to read or ride horses?  Does she do ballet?  Does she just like some sleek lines or country sunsets?  

Your child can showcase their favorite activity or just want to feel glamorous for a little while.  So let's talk about those favorite parts of him that he wants to share in his senior photos.

How long do they take and when should we schedule them?  We schedule them now.  Even if it's for spring, we schedule now.  Why?  If she wants hair and makeup done she needs to know in advance.  Our schedules will all fill up and the senior year flies by!!  Here at MCP we take as long as we need to capture the best in your child.  I always tell parents to plan for an hour and a half.  Most of the time the senior will want multiple locations and clothing changes.  That all takes time!

Let's do this.  Let's take one evening and feel beautiful!  Schedule those senior sessions for July and August evenings!  

You have so many options!!  I would love to hear from you soon!!