Ricky and Becca - Maternity

June 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When Becca and Ricky asked me to shoot their maternity photos I couldn't have been more excited.  You see I, we, a whole bunch of us, prayed for them to have this chance at having this moment in time.  I go to church with Becca and Ricky and Becca's family.  I sort of adopted the family and FORCED them to love me.  lol.  Anyway, parenthood didn't come quickly for them and we were just so thankful to hear that they were finally there - pregnant!!  I will never forget the video Becca sent me from when they told her parents and brother and sister in law that they were going to be adding to the family.  I cried and laughed watching their reactions and I think I watched it ten times the first night she sent it.  

We scheduled the session for late spring, a little later in pregnancy than when I normally schedule maternity sessions but I am glad we waited.  Becca is one of those women we all are jealous of, with her lovely long torso that hid pregnancy a little better than my short stature hid my baby belly.  lol However this year we went from winter to summer with no spring.  I think we were expecting 90 degree weather on the date we chose for the session.  Wisely, Becca asked if we can do it in the morning.  Bless her heart, they woke up at 5am on a Saturday, just to meet me at the farm.  The farm in Adams, Tennessee was the perfect backdrop for her maternity session!  

Even though I know it was early and we knew it would be humid, they pushed through and made magical pictures.  My favorite thing was neither of them laughed that I am afraid of cows, yet work on a cattle farm.  lol. We had to keep moving (moooooving) to keep the cows out of the shots!!  I loved all of the flowers growing around the property and since they are having a sweet boy, I had to make sure to include as many flowers as possible, since he won't want to be surrounded by them! 

Thank you guys for stopping by!!  Hopefully soon you will get to meet their sweet boy!!