Mandy Chadwick Photography: Blog en-us (C) Mandy Chadwick Photography (Mandy Chadwick Photography) Thu, 20 May 2021 14:53:00 GMT Thu, 20 May 2021 14:53:00 GMT Mandy Chadwick Photography: Blog 80 120 Will + Kara Trotter - A Ruby Cora, Clarksville, TN Wedding

On April 3, 2021 I was so honored to have the chance to photograph Will & Kara Trotter get married at the Ruby Cora.  I have known them for awhile and have gotten so close to them.  In fact in their guest lists and wedding party were former brides I have cried watching have their first dance, people I have known since they were in high school, a makeup artist I always recommend, family and friends.  It was just such a special night!  Will and Kara have been together since 2014 when their paths crossed in high school and youth group at church.  Kara is a wedding planner so I knew she would have connections to some of the very best vendors in the area!  I was right!!  When I arrived at the Ruby Cora Jessica Morris and Kelly Ellis were working furiously with decorating the whole room.

Rachaels Florals was there with just the prettiest flowers!!  Zach Stewart with Z's Creative was setting up his video work and my second shooter, Gina, was soon to arrive.  In the gorgeous bridal suite sat all of the ladies as well as Kara's mama, Becky. You have never seen such calmness in a bridal suite.  Probably because the side table was LOADED with great smelling chicken and fruit!  Bailey Davis was applying makeup for Kara and everyone was laughing and hanging out.  

As usual with weddings, I grabbed the details important to Kara and headed out to photograph them.  Y'all.  ALL THE TEARS.  I appreciated that there were a million little moments important to grab on this day!  Kara's dear friend and bridesmaid is an artist who painted the art work on Kara's shoes, bible verses and various things like "Mrs. Trotter".  The dress was Blush by Hayley Page which Kara purchased from Lavender Park Bridal.  She had the BEST experience with them!! Aren't her shoes stunning?  The flowers were by Rachaels Florals.


Will lost his father some years ago so there were little nods to him throughout the day but my favorite was the simple picture they had on display and the way they used his hat throughout the day to memorialize him, even in their family photos.  I like to think he would have appreciated how much he was a part of their day even though he is no longer with them.

If you are looking for a unique guest book idea, Kara's was awesome! They had quilt pieces cut out and people could write their favorite bible verse on it and Kara's sweet grandmama is going to put the quilt together for Kara and Will!!!  How precious is that?

Probably my favorite unique decor idea was the set up of family photographs from their parents and grandparents on THEIR wedding day!!!  I loved it and probably took about 500 pictures of it.  lol

Meanwhile the guys were getting ready.  The brides father gave Will a stretchy banana and I promise you, that thing was in nearly every picture featuring the guys.  They had fun playing corn hole and messing with my poor second shooter Gina, who gave me lots of surprises with the banana in my images!!  LOL!

Then we put Kara in her dress as her bridesmaids got dressed in another room.  Kara's mama Becky is the sweetest soul.  I loved watching her watch her baby become a bride!  

One of my favorite things to do this year has been a bridesmaid first look.  I love it!  I love the best friends reaction to the new bride and this one did not disappoint!!

After the Bridesmaid first look they helped Kara get her jewelry and veil on!

As the bridesmaids were chilling the couple had their first look then portraits!  Then the bridal party pictures happened and THEN the bridesmaids let Kara hit her Piñata she should have gotten to hit on their weekend getaway!  It was way more fun to do it on wedding day!! 

The we went to family formals and then the ceremony on the hill!  

During the ceremony Kara surprised Will by giving him his fathers ring.  He was so surprised and most people didn't know it was going to happen so I made sure to capture every single moment and face.  He did give it back at the end of the night but it made me so happy to see his joy when she slipped it on his hand. 



After the ceremony they drove off is the prettiest car!!!  The owner came all that way just to let them ride off into the sunset in it!

Soon it was the reception time. The Livery Stables did a fantastic job catering the food.  Everyone devoured the Mac N Cheese!  They also provided the dessert bar which Kara and Will opted for instead of a grooms cake.  The wedding cake was provided by one of Kara's dear friends!  My favorite part of the speeches is when Kara's brother had a song played and all Kara's cousins and dad and grandfather surrounded Will.  It was so fun!!  There were so many laughs and so much fun!!  Once we had the sparkler exit they were out of there!!  Enjoy looking through all of the moments - actually these aren't half of the moments but just some of the fun ones!!  I am so glad I got to be there for this day!


Venue: The Ruby Cora

Photography: Mandy Chadwick Photography

Second Shooter: Gina & Co.

Floral: Rachaels Florals

Video: Zach Stewart, Z's Creative

Catering: The Livery Stables Events Hall

Hair/MUA: Bailey Davis

Dj: Marshall Scott Newberry

Dress: Blush By Hayley Page

Bridal Shop: Lavender Park Bridal

Alterations: The Wedding Gown Tailor

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Shepard Family Session - The Pink House in Clarksville, TN

This sweet gal turned 3 months old so we thought it would be the PERFECT excuse to rent a fabulous local Airbnb!!  The Pink House is just the cutest place in Clarksville and perfect for a girls weekend or fairy party or afternoon photography session!!  

Little baby S is growing up with the sweetest and best brothers ever. They love her so much!!  Her mom and dad are blessed beyond belief with this trio of perfect littles!

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Ethan & Savannah - A Port Royal Engagement Session

Sometimes couples from my church GET MARRIED!!!!! It's crazy to think of Savannah who was just so smart and just loved horses is now a grown woman getting married to her dream man, Ethan.  Yet, here she is, all grown up ready for all the adventures being an airfare wife will bring.  


They are getting married on her family's farm so we really wanted that feel for their engagement session.  Her sister and brother in law did their photos at Port Royal so it just seems like it's part of the family now too!! 


We started off at the hiking trails and the light came through the trees just perfectly.  Even though there is not a lot of greenery yet and for sure no flowers, we still had the best light and had such a great evening for our session.  We shot early because they had dinner plans but when clouds rolled in we had the perfect overcast skies.  Right beside the hiking trails there was the prettiest tall grass and we used those to dance the afternoon away!



We went over to the other side of the park and did some images there near the parking lot.  Ethan LOVES the Atlanta Braves so we I made them do some in their matching Peterson jerseys!  I loved the rich part of the pine forest that we chose for those.  


Next we went over to the bridge and Savannah chose a casual outfit that made her eyes POP and wore his uniform.  Such a perfect day.  

They finished our session and got so dressed up and went to Nashville for a birthday dinner for Savannah!!  I know they had the best time out and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding and meet Ethan's family and their friends.  I am so excited for their May wedding!  

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Will & Samantha - A downtown Dickson, TN Engagement Session Will and Samantha met online and just fell in love.  They are fun loving and laugh a lot!  Such a perfect couple for me to photograph so I am so thankful they chose me for their wedding day.  I want to say this, Will is tall!  I will be using my step ladder all wedding day, so if you see a lady lugging a ladder on their wedding day - it will be me!  LOL!  

We met in downtown Dickson at the cigar shop that is so important to their story.  It was appropriately named Big Boys Cigar and Lounge.  Haha!  Will and I arrived first and when Samantha walked in, it was like sunshine came through the door.  She was so beautiful and just couldn't stop smiling the whole time we were together.  I know she and Will are going to just have the best life.  

I had the GREAT idea to shoot at this tunnel first.  It was "great" because there was tons of traffic.  Tons.  Everyone in Dickson was kind though and wished them well and waved or honked and waved.  Small towns are special like that!  We walked around and hit a few spots that just looked nice.

We even found a super cute little park with the prettiest benches and light pouring in.  

We went to where Will gets his hair cut every single week, Docs Barber Shop, because its a super fun part of his story. They could not believe we wanted to shoot there but honestly it was super cute and part of that special small town life that we all love and crave!  That said, once we went into that part of their story, they both were even happier and more relaxed, so thank you guys for letting us come into your shop!!!

Next we continued to walk around this cute cute town!!  There was a cute church and then the downtown area was perfect!!  Y'all, I love love love Dickson and loved working with this couple.

We finished up at the Cigar shop and got a picture with the guys.  This was the most perfect day.  I cannot wait until May for their wedding!!!

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Will & Brookelyn - A The Barn at Murphey Farm December Wedding

When Brookelyn and her mom contacted me about the possibility of photograph Will & Brookelyn's wedding at The Barn at Murphey Farm, I was just so excited.  I couldn't believe how sweet and calm Brookelyn seemed.  They told me of their plans for a constructing a background wall and stage, lifted area at the alter and TONS of candles and my visions I saw in my head did not do their hard work and design justice.  The venue always looks beautiful but when I walked in, it was a wonderland!  

Getting married in the midst of a pandemic definitely provides many challenges but neither Will nor Brookelyn complained.  I truly wondered how nervous they would feel about guests and family maybe not being able to attend but they were amazing.  In fact, I really feel strongly certain personality types should ALWAYS have a first look on wedding day but Brookelyn and Will were so chill and happy and excited they could have fallen into the "no first look" category (and I do not say that often)!  They did have a first look though and the day was so much fun that we got to all hang out together!

Brookelyn's dress was amazing.  Like full on old school Hollywood glam.  She even had her great grandmothers fur to ward away the December cold!  Will looked so handsome in his suit and surprised us all with his new short haircut!  

The day started off with Brookelyn having a first look with her bridesmaids and then her dad. I think we should ALWAYS do these because it was wonderful!!  

After those first looks we had a first look with Will and Brookelyn.  At the very beginning of their relationship, Brookelyn gave her hair band to Will to hold for her and since then he wore it on his wrist every single day until wedding day when he gave it back to Brookelyn.  It was sort of HIS engagement ring.  Side story to the first look.  The grooms dad was standing in the parking lot chatting with a friend and his first experience with me was me asking him gently to move out of our frame.  He cracked up and was great about it!  After the first look he hugged his son so big and then hugged his almost daughter just as big.  I love those little moments in the day.  

We did couples portraits then went into bridal party portraits.  I wish I had gotten more of those but y'all it was so cold and kept raining off and on!!  I think you can't tell it was cold or that it was raining in the portraits though!  Then we warmed up for a minute and went after some family portraits.  This newly formed family is surrounded by just the best friends and the best families.  Seriously, the mama's got pictures with their friends when we had extra time.  I loved these people.  Seeing all of the closeness and joy just made me know that this couple will have the best life!

The ceremony was gorgeous.  There are no other words for it.  Gorgeous.  My favorite part was at the end the parents, Brookelyn and Will and Brookelyn's grandfather stood together and the grandfather led them in a quiet prayer. It was not meant for us all to hear.  It was a private moment in the midst of a public declaration and was so beautiful that I cried. 


Something unique that this couple implemented was immediately following the ceremony the bridal party and family gathered in the beautiful bridal suite.  Then we all left the couple in there to have 30 minutes of alone time to eat their dinner.  All of my past couples know how important I think eating your dinner is.  You feel better and have more fun with uninterrupted dinner time but rarely does this happen with the couple in another room!!  They were ready to dance the night away after dinner!! I loved it!!

After they ate dinner we went outside and did "sunset" portraits.  There was actually no sunset that day as it was overcast but we used their getaway car and clear umbrellas and were able to capture so many memories!  

Following the couples sunset portraits they gathered with their wedding party and were announced by the dj's, DJ Bishop Hall and they went right into their first dances.  The bride and groom dance was so sweet and romantic.  They are just perfect for each other.

Father and daughter dances can totally be a cry fest but this one was so funny.  They stopped dancing and did a series of selfies with guests in the background!  So hilarious!

This mother and son duo broke into some fun dance moves to lighten the room further and we all laughed and smiled!!  

Once Brookelyn changed into her wedding tennis shoes they danced the night away!  

There were too many reception moments to showcase but just know that this wedding was so family friendly with lots of littles dancing to the DJ's music.  Many people kept masks on even during hard dancing!  I couldn't believe it!!

 Then they exited to everyones cheers and lots of glowsticks!!  

My favorite moments of the day were how the moms came together to make the day perfect.  Brookelyn's mom worked hard on the perfect flow and design for the day. She created so much "extra" for the day.  Will's mom created a variety butters for the butter and bread bar.  Both moms had such sweet spirits throughout the day.  Will getting hugs from his brothers and parents throughout the day warmed my heart.  The way they all thought the kids were not only fun but important made me feel happy.  They put NO pressure on the children to perform throughout the day and when the little would run off everyone and I mean everyone laughed.  I love weddings where actually every single person was laid back and joyful.  This was the perfect day for the perfect couple.  I feel blessed and thankful they chose me.  Their love for each other and God was my favorite. Thanks for taking a look at my blog!!  



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Gracelyn - A Downtown Nashville Senior Experience


When Gracelyn met me for her senior session on the farm I KNEW she would be amazing in fall colors at the rustic area of Shelby Bottoms Park.  So somehow I convinced her and her family to split her session.  EEEKKKK!! Sometimes I am amazed that parents trust me enough for this!  Well she and her father met me in Nashville and because we had worked together previously and because she just loved the day and locations - YALL - we had the BEST time!  She was on!  In fact she CLIMBED the trestle and got some right on that rustic metal and I LOVED it.  I live for adventure (when it's safe) lol!  After leaving Shelby Bottoms we went to the Pedestrian Bridge where it was perfectly windy for her black dress!!  I LOVE when a girl will pair a school letterman jacket with her fancy dress.  Gracelyn is just so cool!  Then we went to downtown Nashville and got some images there in front of the neon lights.  What an amazing day!!!  I hope they had as much fun as I did and loved their images as much as I do!!

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Anniversary Cuddle Session - Clarksville, TN Cuddles in the kitchen. I LOVE when clients welcome me into their homes!  I love to see what makes them feel good - what they surround themselves with.  I did know this about Jacob and Shannon - they are effortless.  When we did their engagement session, it was the fastest full engagement session I have ever shot.  We were racing against storms coming in.  They just moved together with little to no direction. On wedding day they still had that ease with each other that made the day so much fun.  So when they called me for an at home anniversary winter session I was all about it.  


Shannon and Jacob's new how is so pretty!  It's in the perfect area and had been renovated prior to their purchase and everything was so well done!  Since they have gotten married they bought this house and they became parents to the cutest fur baby ever!  We had such a fun morning playing with Fig and hanging around the house - complete with a pillow fight!  Enjoy!!  Happy Anniversary Jacob and Shannon!!


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Swearingen-Hobdy Wedding in Cottontown, Tennessee


Last fall I shot the GORGEOUS wedding of John Michael and Haley, in Cottontown, TN, at Pee Dee Branch Farm.  I think the fact that Pee Dee Branch Farm is her family land makes it even more special.  

John Michael and Haley went to school together but really connected with their work in the FFA.  In 2017 John Michael asked Haley to marry him at the Opryland Hotel.  They decided to have a small intimate and rustic wedding.  In front of their closest friends and immediate family they got married in front of an old barn while the smell of flowers washed over them from the most glorious arbor decorated by White House Florists.  Y'all those flowers were to die for.  Seriously, white flowers everywhere.  I asked John Michael and Haley to describe their decor and day and this is what they said, "We used a lot of rustic decor for both the ceremony and reception space. Our parents and grandparents sat on old church pews, and the aisles were lined with old whisky barrels with flower arrangements on top of them. At the back of the ceremony space, we put a set of old wooden doors for the wedding party to walk through and an old wooden table for the guest registry book to sit on. One of my favorite pieces from the wedding was our welcome sign. My grandfather made the sign for me and it is now hanging in our home! For the reception space, we decorated the tables with large slabs of wood, tall flower arrangements, and lots and lots of candles! The food sat on slabs of wood on top of whisky barrels, and our cake sat on an old wire spool. We sat each place setting with a metal charger, a glass goblet, an old china plate (no plate was the same), a maroon napkin, and each guest’s favor. Behind the bride and groom’s table, we put an old screen door with pictures of my grandfather on it so he would be with us!"

Back to the florals.  I asked Haley about them because I am terrible with flowers. She gave tons of details! "The florals at our wedding were my favorite part! They were BEAUTIFUL! I would most definitely recommend White House Florist to anyone!! The arbor at the ceremony was full of greenery and white roses and hydrangea. It was absolutely beautiful! The whisky barrels lining the aisles had moss, Ivey, and white hydrangea. The old doors at the back of the ceremony space had large moss wreaths and Ivey scraping the doors! Everything in the ceremony space was so beautiful! The reception space had tall vases on each table with greenery and hydrangeas!"

Haley looked so magnificent in her Vera Wang ivory lace dress. The bridesmaids wore a maroon dress with a sheer overlay, and the guys wore charcoal grey suits with a maroon tie. The ring bearers wore the same color pants as the guy’s suits with grey bow ties and suspenders. They were adorable! The flower girl wore an ivory dress with lace and a tulle skirt. It was a little chilly that October day so it was really cool that the girls had flannel shirts to throw over their dresses!  The ring bearers didn't need anything else to wear because they were dancing so hard they were super warm.  

The dj, DJ Johnny kept the reception moving and started it off with a special song for the kids, "Baby Shark".  Everyone danced until the couple ran out surrounded by sparklers!  

I think my favorite thing besides the couple and family and all of fun had to be the cake topper they had made.  It was a buck and a doe.  Turns out, they LOVE to hunt together.  Y'all I love this couple!  I hope you enjoy a few images celebrating their day!

Thank you for coming by and thank you John Michael and Haley!!

October 13, 2018


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Walker Fall Family Session - Coopertown, TN Yes, you are in the right place.  Yes you are looking at the most beautiful and fun family.  These were taken at their beautiful home in Coopertown, Tennessee.  Rachael owns Small Town Moments Cinematography & Videography.  We worked together at a wedding and I pray we work together more because her videography skills are awesome.  Anyway these put the pressure on me!  There were chickens and trampolines and smiles for days.  Enjoy this fun family session!!

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Miner Senior Session

I loved shooting Catherine's Downtown Clarksville, Tennessee senior portrait session.  She is so beautiful and was so much fun!!  I love getting to share these!!  Y'all my clients are the most beautiful!!  

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Jacob + Kristyn - A Cedars at Carr Farm Wedding

On September 22, 2018 Jacob and Kristyn married at Cedar's at Carr Farm.  I was so honored to be able to photograph such an important long awaited moment for this sweet couple!  We photographed two engagement sessions for them, so I felt like I knew them pretty well at this point, which made for a fluid day, for sure! 

It would be remiss of me not to talk about the dresses first, right off the bat.  Y'all they were amazing!!  Kristyn's dress was created and customized by Olia Zavozina - Green Hills.  It was, to me, best described as the perfect amount of champagne lace with a light as air flowing skirt.  There were sleeves which detached and Kristyn chose to mainly wear those during the ceremony.  This shape of dress is rather a favorite of mine as Kristyn was able to dance and sit and move without discomfort all night long.  The same designer created her mothers dress and it was also gorgeous!  You are about to see what made them so special!

Kristyn's dress also had pearls flowing down the back and I loved it so much!

You won't believe this but Kristyn's cousin and aunt created the flower arrangements and the flowers on the arch.  The flowers were just fantastic.  

The groom, Jacob and his groomsmen were so hilarious that they had me laughing the whole time we worked together.  When Kristyn and Jacob filled out their questionnaire from us they requested candid images and to have their sweet Daisy in some images as well as a private time for their couples portraits.  I think we accomplished all of that because they were just so much fun!  In fact, the brides sweet mama thanked us all night for buzzing around and trying to be everywhere.  This couple was surrounded by love from family and friends all day.  

They chose to have their ceremony inside due to impending rain and high winds.  We did have wind but were so blessed with no rain until the end which we highlighted in the sparkler exit!  There is so much I could say about this couple - about this day - instead I will show pretty pictures!  I love this couple and just wish them all the best!!


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Stephen + Gillian - a Clarksville, TN wedding celebrated at The Belle Hollow Stephen + Gillian

August 18, 2018

Stephen and Gillian planned the perfect summer wedding with the ceremony at Hilldale church of Christ and the reception, following, at The Belle Hollow, in Clarksville, TN.  It was supposed to rain all day long so I think they were a little nervous but it was the perfect day.  Not horribly hot with clouds on and off all day and ZERO rain!  

We started the day at The Belle Hollow where Gillian and her bridesmaids were having hair and makeup done.  The Belle Hollow was just beautiful when we walked in.  They had everything almost completely decorated so it was the perfect backdrop for detail shots.  

Weren't her flowers just stunning!  I love when brides order arrangements from Sango Village Florists because I know they will be the most lovely flowers.  These were in shades of blush with a little blue and a blue green shade of greenery.  Her dress was simply amazing.  It was an off the shoulder very southern dress with a rose gold belt drawing attention to her tiny waist.  They ordered their guest book and loved having their names on the front.  Their beautiful cake came from Cakes By Nichole.  

Before their first look Gillian had hair and makeup done and didn't seem terribly nervous at all!  Stephen arrived completely dressed and got there early.  I love that my second shooter was there to capture him waiting and pacing.  I loved those images.  Gillian's mom helped her in her dress and it was just a sweet moment.  

Once both were ready we had a beautiful first look at what is normally a gorgeous ceremony spot at The Belle Hollow.  I really loved how happy they both were!

We shot some family formals inside the venue before heading to the ceremony location at Hilldale church of Christ.  The families were a dream to work with and were exactly in the right space so that it was just so quick and fluid.  

They were SO surrounded by love!!!  I love when brides and grooms just have the most supportive families.  It makes me so happy for them!  Once those were completed we all drove over to Hilldale to prepare for the ceremony.  The ceremony was so moving.  The minister who married her parents, married them.  I just loved it so much.

We went back to the Belle Hollow for the reception.  I would be remiss if I didn't talk about this bridal party.  They were so lovely to work with.  No one complained about the heat, although by the time we did bridal party pictures at the church, it was quite hot out.  They just loved the bride and groom they were there to support.

The Belle Hollow provided the food that ALL of the guests enjoyed and the dj had so many up enjoying the dance floor.  I love sweet receptions bathed in sunlight and loving first dances!


Following the ceremony the beautiful couple went to Disney World for their honeymoon.  Here are a few portraits with the bride and groom!  Didn't they just look stunning?

Before they left we had a sparkler exit.  It wasn't quite dark yet but I thought the images looked unique and beautiful with the sparkers in the daylight.  They seem dreamy to me.  Gillian and Stephen, I wish you the longest and best most loving marriage.  Thank you for trusting me all day and for weeks before.  I have loved working with you both and your families.  I can't wait for you to see your gallery! Thank you!!

Thank you Stephen and Gillian!!  


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Eric + Tiffany - A Dickson, TN Wedding at Kellers Farm Eric and Tiffany were referred to me by a sweet photographer (a former bride of mine).  She was scheduled to shoot this beautiful wedding and worried that as she was towards the end of her pregnancy, maybe she shouldn't.  So with a couple of weeks until their wedding Tiffany and Eric became part of the MCP family!  In chatting with Tiffany, we found out we had worked together before and more than that we knew lots of the same people!!  I think we both felt more at ease with that!  

On Saturday, September 15, my second shooter, Faith, and I drove from Clarksville, TN to Dickson, TN where we arrived at Kellers Farm.  Kellers Farm is a gorgeous venue with a beautiful spacious barn, rows and rows of corn, beautiful ponds and the prettiest sunsets around.  The day was so hot outside that all I could think about was how my sweet photographer friend didn't have to walk around in that heat while pregnant!  When we walked in, our breath caught over the beautiful decorations in the barn, decorated by Shawna Taylor.  There was zero way we could possibly photograph all of the details because there were SO many making the barn a perfect fall wedding!!  Here are a few we captured of the day.  Y'all look at that ceremony spot!!!!

When we finally went up to where the ladies were getting dressed we noticed right away how beautiful their shirts were!  They all looked flawless too!!  Christi Underwood did SUCH a great job on their hair and makeup!!  I loved Tiffany's white gown with the lace and beading.  It was so pretty!!!  Here mama and sister helped her get into her dress and one of the MOST emotional parts of the day happened in the dressing area.  Teresa, the brides mom, pulled out a picture of her beautiful mama and we took a picture with all three of them with it.  I know she would have been so proud of Tiffany and Taylor.  They are sweet southern girls.

Next I went and checked on the guys and of course, they were funny!  They all got ready in the reception space of the barn which was just a beautiful backdrop!  I thought they all looked handsome in their vests and ties!

After they were all dressed we went down to do the first look in a tree lined section of the property.  It was so gorgeous but I will save those for the couple because those images are going to make their hearts explode.  I love some first looks.  After doing our first look we went right into their couples portraits which, how could you get those wrong? They were gorgeous!!

After we took their couples formals we shot a few bridal party portraits and they were so fun!!!  I loved working with this group!  I loved the shade of blue the girls had for their dress and the vests the guys wore!  You can't even tell how hot the day was by looking at all of these beautiful faces!  Next we had family formals.  After completing those I had to take some of Eric and Tiffany's moms and dads because - look at them!!


The next thing we knew it was time to drive up to the pond for the ceremony.  I can't wait for them to see more of those!  I loved that ceremony!!  My favorite is always the "real" kiss as soon as they leave the ceremony site.  I loved how Eric was so emotional when he saw his bride - even though they had just seen each other right before this.  I loved it!

Oh the reception though!  The DJ was with Keller Farms and the food was also prepared by the Kellers Farm family and it was DELICIOUS!  Everyone loved it and everyone danced all night long to the best country music.  This photographer might have had a small gal request Taylor Swift after she was done working for the night and I MAY have danced to "Shake It Off" like a crazy lady!  But enough about me.  Check out some reception pictures.  It was great!  Don't you LOVE first dances?  I always cry with the daddy daughter dance!

Soon it was dark so we decided to do a little sparkler exit and I thought it was the perfect evening for it as the wind blew around us and the stars shined down.  

I hope you enjoyed reading my little blog!  I sure loved working with these two and CANNOT wait to get to edit their wedding pictures!



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Michael + Jillian - A Clarksville, TN Wedding at Freedom Point

When I met Jillian and Michael I was just in love with their style.  I would describe them as Southern Modern and I had a vision of clean lines and a classic look!!  When I met her Jillian had shorter hair with glasses and the most beautiful eyes and smile.  When we decided to work together I was just so excited.  They were referred to me and you know referrals are my favorite!!  

Michael and Jillian met online, which blows my mind.  They are just the best couple that I can't believe they were matched on a dating site!!  It makes me think all the single people need to visit that site.  If you would have asked me, I would have put them together right away.  They are the PERFECT person for each other!  They are both smart and love theater and did I mention they were smart?

We went to Nashville together, for their engagement session.  I loved talking to them in the car.  I am surprised they didn't fire me because I couldn't stop talking to them!!  lol!!  I knew they would have the most amazing wedding.

When we arrived at Freedom Point, on June 30, 2018 it was so beautifully decorated.  The building was so cool on that hot day!  There were little touches of "them" all around that room.  I have to go overboard on showing their decorations.  

One of those pictures is of Freedom Point.  The first picture is a sample of the table setting.  Each table had a number and a teacup, books and flowers.  They love to read so it was just perfection!  This was the first wedding I have ever sat at the head table!!  It was such an honor sitting across from the brides sister and the Jillian.  Each table also had either a lantern or candles.  I just can't tell you out pretty it all was!

Jillian also painted the center painting on the mantle and my favorite, a story of their journey.  Isn't she talented?

I think she could sell those to other brides and make a fortune!  I love how they also used it in wedding decoration!  

Soon after we arrived Michael came in with his best man.  I could not believe how handsome they were.  Michael seemed calm and sure and just excited to see Jillian.  His best man, Logan, was so helpful and diligent in making sure Michaels needs were met, he also did one of the best speeches I have ever heard at a wedding!  

Right after Michael came in and got settled, Jillian arrived.  With her, she had Michaels two sisters, Ginny and Autumn and her matron of honor and sister Jessica.  Oh goodness when Jillian got out of the car I fell in love with her nontraditional wedding dress and shoes!!    She looked amazing - they were all beautiful!  

I love when brides allow their bridal party to pick a dress that they feel comfortable in and something they just really love.  I feel like Jessica, Ginny and Autumn all chose dresses that made them feel comfortable and really represented where they were in life!  

Jillian was wearing a tea length white dress with a boat neckline and 3/4 lace sleeves.  She could move and swish and just looked so glamorous in her red lipstick!  Here shoes were leopard print flats and her earrings were little walrus faces.  Michael wore the same design on his cuff links.  Some people have really excellent style.  

I really thought her bouquet was very well done also!!  

Jillians hair was so perfect and stayed in place all day!!  Brooke at Lydon's did this perfect hair for her!!  I loved it!  Her make up artist was Allyson Roe.  Both did an incredible job!

We got Jillian hidden and brought Michael out for his portraits and to prepare for their first look.  Michael looked so handsome in his Navy Suit.  I loved his cuff links and brown shoes.  I thought he looked so tall and handsome!  

Their first look was so wonderful!!  I loved it so much!!  They are the cutest.

After first look we did couples portraits and then bridal party pictures.  They had the perfect size bridal party.

After pictures we went back to Freedom Point to cool off for a bit before beginning family formals.  

Representative Harold Love was the officiant for this wedding. He is the Pastor for Lee Chapel A.M.E. Church in Nashville and a state representative, but Michael knows him best because he volunteered for his campaigns.  I thought that was super interesting and I loved chatting with him. He's relatable and so kind.  He did a wonderful job officiating!

After the ceremony the couple were announced at the reception and everyone sat down to a delicious meal from Nicoletta's Catering (Clarksville).  Of course Total Package Events did a wonderful job with setting up the chairs and tables and also provided the beautiful crisp linens. 

To top off the dinner Nashville Sweets provided the MOST delicious cupcakes and wedding cake.  It was all so beautiful!  We sent the couple off on their honeymoon with a sparkler exit, ending a beautiful summer wedding.  Thank you for reading!  I loved working with this couple and wish we could do it all again!

Thank you all for reading!!  


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Myers Family Session - A Clarksville, TN Extended Family Session When Shari first emailed me and asked for an extended family portrait session, I just knew I would love her.  We know so many of the same people and they are all so sweet that I knew she would have to be.  We chatted back and forth and I discovered THIS was her request for her anniversary gift from her precious husband.  I could tell via email that her grandson was QUITE adored.  What I didn't know, was that I was going to adore him also.

Baby L was almost one for this photoshoot.  I wish I had brought over a chair and some more little things because I could have given his own personal portrait session.  When Shari and I chatted she let me know how loved this little guy was but Shari was also EXTREMELY considerate and loving speaking of her daughter in law, son and daughter.  It just seemed like we were the perfect fit!  

When the family got out of the car everyone greeted each other with loving smiles and passed sweet L around.  The weather was SO hot that we all worried how well this session would go.  Well NOT me really.  I know that if I act crazy enough, littles will always smile and love me!  Liam was no exception.  Let me tell you about how I fell in love with him.

We got ready for the full family portraits first.  That way if baby L got upset we could do everything else and give him a break.  So I lined everyone up and dad held L.  I did a few shots, where he smiled for me, then I told everyone to look at each other and laugh.  We did not expect what happened next.  He participated in the frivolity!  He OPENED HIS MOUTH AND LAUGHED!!  

That of course caused everyone to laugh - including me!  I ran back to him and told him I sure loved him and played a bit more and got way more smiles from him.  He even wanted me to hold him and play!!!!  It was amazing!

He laughed and snuggled and played.  None of us could believe it.  He was truly a joy.  I love extended family sessions and I hope this year I can keep having more fun with them.  It seems like it was all about Liam but really it was about these two and the loving sweet family they created.  I pray they have many more anniversaries and photo sessions.  Even though it was hot, no one complained or grumped - not even baby L!  Their family is beautiful and kind and it was such a blessing to work with them!  I hope they enjoyed their time with me as much as I did them!!  Happy Anniversary Myers family!!!


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Andrew + Kayla an Clarksville, Tennessee Engagement Session

Sometimes my very first time meeting a couple is at their engagement session!!  That was what happened with Andrew and Kayla.  They got out of the car and I came so close to hugging Andrew while covered in bug spray - and he is allergic!!  Thankfully, the crisis was avoided.  lol!  I loved that Kayla wore a floral maxi dress.  It just fit her like a dream and she looked like she could spin like a princess!! Andrew looked handsome in his aqua polo and khakis.  We met at a local church and walked down to a public creek.  It was a little sandy down there and plenty of tiny rocks.  When we got down there to the water I was so surprised to see the mist surrounding the water.  It was super humid but it looked like clouds all around us.  Here are some of my favorites!

After we left the creek we travelled up the road a bit and went to a beautiful farm with a red barn.  We had to do a few there!!

We had a super fun time - even though it was HOT!!  I can't wait until their wedding!!!

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Thomas + Jennifer A St Christopher Catholic Church Wedding Dickson, TN


On a hot and humid June 9, 2018, Thomas and Jennifer chose to commit themselves to one another forever!!  I am so happy for them - but more than that - everyone there was happy for them!  

For this wedding my second shooter was Alison and we laughed and chatted all the way to Dickson, Tennessee from Clarksville.  Mainly we talked about peaches.  lol!  We arrived at St Christopher Catholic Church a bit early so we sort of walked around and made ourselves familiar with the area!  The church was so pretty and the grounds were even prettier.

When we arrived the bride was in the begin stages of getting her dress on and she was surrounded by the most supportive and lovely women.  Even when she was hot, (where she got dress was quite warm), they found pieces of things around and fanned her off!!  I loved watching them attend to her!  When her sweet mama came in the room and saw her daughter I could tell she was so proud!


First we did a quick first look and then we went into some formal pictures.  We chose to work these inside as it was more than 91 degrees outside at this time!  I don't know if you all remember but when Thomas got out of the car at the engagement session, he immediately cracked a joke.  Well his groomsmen were a perfect fit for him with their humor and kindness.  I just loved this whole bridal party.  We finished earlier than expected as family came in and we wanted to hide the bride!

The ceremony was beautiful and I just loved their priest, Father David.  He was so sweet and just made me laugh!  I thought the ceremony was lovely and it was quite quick, I thought.  

We did finished up our formal portraits inside and then we braved the sun and heat and went to the garden on the grounds.  That garden was beautiful.  My favorite thing was the giant pine trees on the other side of the garden.  Doing wedding photography on hot days can be tricky.  I decided to finish up the portraits earlier than expected as it was just so hot.  Although it was so beautiful a setting for Jennifer and Thomas I didn't want them to look back in ten years and their first thought about their wedding be how hot it was and how miserable they were shooting formals.  So we shot quickly and ran to the reception to cool down.  I was so hot my face was blood red so I can't imagine how hot they were in a big formal dress and formal tuxedo.  

We ate a delicious meal created by Thomas's uncle.  Everyone was raving about how delicious it was!!  I loved watching everyone enjoy themselves while I had a nice cold glass of water!!  I was still hot!!  At this point the bride and groom couldn't stop smiling and everyone wanted to talk to them and hug them.  The guests were so funny too!  I loved that one of Jennifer's first teachers attended the wedding and told me how she was Jennifer's teacher and then when Jennifer became a teacher they worked together and team taught.  I loved the bond they shared and it was great to hear the stories and laughter from the guests.  

Thomas and Jennifer did their first dance and then cut their cake.  Believe it or not there was zero cake smashed in anyone's faces!

Thomas asked Jennifer's mom to dance and Thomas's dad asked Jennifer to dance.  It was so beautiful to see that moment.  I know Jennifer's father is missed by so many.  Her sweet brother gave her away and just watched over her all day.  


They had a bubble exit and my favorite thing?  THE ADULT MEN opened the bubbles early so they also had bubbles when they danced!!  It was so fun!

Thomas and Jennifer opted for an after party at The House of Brews in Dickson.  The House of Brews is a little pub in downtown Dickson.  It's so pretty in there!!!  There was a live band and they were killing it!  I think everyone just had a fun time relaxing and visiting.  That is just a tiny part of their wedding day.  It was just so incredibly beautiful and elegant.  I hope you all enjoyed the blog post.  They are an amazing couple!!

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Ricky and Becca - Maternity

When Becca and Ricky asked me to shoot their maternity photos I couldn't have been more excited.  You see I, we, a whole bunch of us, prayed for them to have this chance at having this moment in time.  I go to church with Becca and Ricky and Becca's family.  I sort of adopted the family and FORCED them to love me.  lol.  Anyway, parenthood didn't come quickly for them and we were just so thankful to hear that they were finally there - pregnant!!  I will never forget the video Becca sent me from when they told her parents and brother and sister in law that they were going to be adding to the family.  I cried and laughed watching their reactions and I think I watched it ten times the first night she sent it.  

We scheduled the session for late spring, a little later in pregnancy than when I normally schedule maternity sessions but I am glad we waited.  Becca is one of those women we all are jealous of, with her lovely long torso that hid pregnancy a little better than my short stature hid my baby belly.  lol However this year we went from winter to summer with no spring.  I think we were expecting 90 degree weather on the date we chose for the session.  Wisely, Becca asked if we can do it in the morning.  Bless her heart, they woke up at 5am on a Saturday, just to meet me at the farm.  The farm in Adams, Tennessee was the perfect backdrop for her maternity session!  

Even though I know it was early and we knew it would be humid, they pushed through and made magical pictures.  My favorite thing was neither of them laughed that I am afraid of cows, yet work on a cattle farm.  lol. We had to keep moving (moooooving) to keep the cows out of the shots!!  I loved all of the flowers growing around the property and since they are having a sweet boy, I had to make sure to include as many flowers as possible, since he won't want to be surrounded by them! 

Thank you guys for stopping by!!  Hopefully soon you will get to meet their sweet boy!!  

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When should I schedule my senior pictures? You or your child just finished sending their senior friends out into the world and celebrated their graduations.  That makes you a what?  SENIOR!!!  No more are the lower classman in school.  You are a mere matter of months from graduating yourself!  Moms, how did this happen???  Weren't they just watching Barney on repeat then High School Musical?  How are they the graduating high schoolers?  Come on.  Get your head in the game!  lol!  Even though you are mentally trying to block senior year out of your mind, she has the class ring, her cheerleading photo announced "SENIOR" in bold, and the school is notifying you that it's time to schedule those senior photos.  Really?  Yep!! Really!! 

Now is the time to get on the schedule of your favorite photographer, if you aren't already.  Most of us are booked through weekends right now and only have a select number of days available in our calendars.  No time to bury your head in the sand!!  Get on the portrait bandwagon.  

When is the best time for Senior Portraits?  I would say that depends on the look you want but we did most of my daughters portraits in the summertime.  There is no pressure to be somewhere.  They are tan and flowers are ONLY in bloom in the summer, in our little area in Tennessee.  If your child can do an afternoon after school then fall is another option but keep in mind, most photographers fill up their time with family sessions and weddings in the fall so you have to book early!  If you wait until Spring, it's a rush and often times the photographer charges additional fees to get the galleries to you quicker and the senior has senior-itis, not really caring about the images!  If you wait until spring you also stand the chance - the very real chance - you will be rained out multiple times.  So what is the first step?

First, find a photographer who's style you love.  Do you want your child to have gorgeous indoor sport shots?  Those take a very special niche and there are photographers excellent at that.  (Ummm not me!  I have no studio!)  Does your senior love to hunt or hang tobacco?  Does he love to golf, play baseball or canoe?  Those are all things that can be showcased.  Does she love to read or ride horses?  Does she do ballet?  Does she just like some sleek lines or country sunsets?  

Your child can showcase their favorite activity or just want to feel glamorous for a little while.  So let's talk about those favorite parts of him that he wants to share in his senior photos.

How long do they take and when should we schedule them?  We schedule them now.  Even if it's for spring, we schedule now.  Why?  If she wants hair and makeup done she needs to know in advance.  Our schedules will all fill up and the senior year flies by!!  Here at MCP we take as long as we need to capture the best in your child.  I always tell parents to plan for an hour and a half.  Most of the time the senior will want multiple locations and clothing changes.  That all takes time!

Let's do this.  Let's take one evening and feel beautiful!  Schedule those senior sessions for July and August evenings!  

You have so many options!!  I would love to hear from you soon!!


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Adam + Savannah a Briar Rose Hill Event Venue Wedding - Bethpage, TN A few months ago Savannah's mom contacted me to check on my May 4, 2018 availability.  When I got the email I laughed to myself and thought "May the 4th be with us".  Little did I know that was sort of their hidden theme.  I say hidden theme because it wasn't everywhere.  No one wore themed costumes or decorated with yodas or anything.  It was a beautiful southern wedding.  The only part of the theme I noticed were the cakes and even they were tasteful and gorgeous!!

Tell me those cakes aren't the stuff dreams are made of, more on those soon! 

Savannah was wearing the most beautiful dress.  It was a strapless ball gown with a sweetheart neckline from Oleg Cassini’s line. It had a bit of lace at the bottom to give it a bit of a vintagey vibe.  It photographed quite white but it was actually a very vintage off white.  I loved it so much.  I forget how much I loved it and then I see pictures and fall in love again.  Savannah really wanted a vintage feel for her wedding and I think that she was successful!

I just had to showcase that lace!!

Natalie Hicks from The Beauty Salon in White House did Savannah's beautiful hair.  She just looked gorgeous.  

Equally impressive was the groom, Adam Scism.  He looked so handsome in his tuxedo from Street Tuxedo in Madison.  His suit was such a nice shade of blue.

I love the trend of blue tuxedo or suits with brown shoes and belts.  I can't tell you how glad I am to see gentlemen getting back to suits or tuxedos for wedding day.  They look so manly.  I think Adam looked like an old Hollywood leading man and an equal match to Savannah's beautiful ball gown.  

The wedding took place at Briar Rose Hill Event Venue in Bethpage, Tennessee.  Boy is it scenic!!  It looks like an old plantation house and is stunning both inside and outside.  Upstairs there is a room for portraits, however we didn't have time to use the room.  If I ever go back it will be a priority.  Nita Baggett assisted Savannah in pulling off this perfect day.  She and her team decorated and advised for almost all of the vendors.  She really helped Savannah and Adams dreams come true.  We only were at the wedding for two hours, however we tried to photograph all of their hard work!

When we arrived we shot a few details and then some bridal party shots.  Adam had two groomsmen and a groomswoman.  I thought they all looked nice but I really loved how easy they laughed.  They were definatly easy to work with!  Here are a few fun ones with them!


Then we photographed the first look.  Oh my!  It was amazing.  We used the back of the property for both the first look and the initial portraits.  You can't tell, but the sun was pretty bright and the huge trees provided the perfect shade for us!

After we did the first look we shot some of the happy couple!  I am telling you they couldn't have been more beautiful!

I loved the way they laughed together and the look on Adams face when he knew exactly how to make her laugh!


We photographed the bridesmaids and bridal party. I think their colors looked gorgeous together!

First we started off with Savannah under the big tree with the barn behind her but I had to use this field with the pretty white flowers.  When we went back there the sun went behind the storm clouds which were heading our way.  Thankfully we had no rain, although it was in the forecast.  It actually rained on me as I drove home, while they were having dinner at the reception.

We had to hurry to have Savannah put away before the guests arrived and then we photographed the beautiful wedding ceremony.  


The ceremony was just lovely.  I loved the little moments the best.  Like when Adam saw her walk down the aisle.

Did I mention they wrote and read their own vows????

After the prayer they were about done!!

Then we went straight into family formals then reception.  They were so much fun.  We were able to squeeze so much in a two hour time slot!  The last shot is a ring shot because you have to have that!!  



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Reece + Mary Grace an Events at Tranquility Engagement Session

Mary Grace was 12 when I met her at Stroudsville church of Christ.  She had long brown hair and a friendly smile.  She was kind to my Madison right from the start.  We did pictures when she went to proms and for her senior session.  She did some others with me just whenever we both could.  Last fall I got a phone call from her boyfriend Reece who was planning to surprise her with a marriage proposal.  We were so great at keeping that secret that people should be so proud of me.  lol!!  I saw her at church and things and I just had to keep quiet!!  We met at Opryland Hotel where he asked her under the lights of a beautiful floral covered gazebo.  I photographed it and she cried when she saw that he asked me to be there and photograph the proposal.  People looking at the Christmas lights over the balcony got to see, and they cheered when she cried and said yes.  I got to photograph them calling the moms and showing off the ring, via FaceTime.  I could not have been happier for them!  They set their wedding date right away.  I couldn't be more excited that they choose to have their reception at the Events at Tranquility venue.  Its just beautiful there and Dawn, who runs it, will let you have your engagement session there as well.

We got to the venue and it just couldn't have been a prettier day.  We met Dawn there and she greeted us with her smile and sweetness.  Mary Grace had her hair and makeup done at Classic Trends Hair Salon.  She looked so stunning. Reece will agree when I say she's always pretty but she looked extra special for her pictures.  Reece looked classic in his khakis and button down shirt.  

We thought about going to the bottoms near the river but I am glad we stuck to a smaller space and explored a bit.  These are some of my favorites.  I am so ready for these warm beautiful evenings and I can't wait until their wedding!!!!

I hope you all had fun looking at these!  I can't wait to get the gallery up and ready for them!!  

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Michael + Cierra a Clarksville Engagement Session

Last year I met a sweet couple, Marshall and Katie, and I had the privilege of photographing their wedding.  I fell in love with them right away and LOVED meeting their families.  I just thought everyone was so sweet, polite and special.  At the end of last year I received a message from Marshall's mom, Mandie, telling me the awesome news that her oldest son, Michael was in love and planning a wedding.  A couple of days later I spoke to his fiancé Cierra and immediately loved her laid back personality.  When I met her I discovered she is a brilliant as she is beautiful and equally sweet.  

Cierra and Michael really wanted a rustic feel for their engagement session so we stuck close to my house and began our shoot at the creek.  They had me laughing right from the beginning.  I love that they made each other laugh as well!

After a few minutes down by the creek we travelled down the road to a beautiful farm!  We shot for a few minutes and then it was time for an outfit change!  

While they were changing we had to get this gorgeous ring its own photoshoot!

I love this farm!!  I also loved Cierra's jacket and wished I had one exactly like it, mainly because I am a copycat!  lol!  She looked amazing in her outfits - so did Michael.  lol!

Finally the sun began to set and we felt like our time together was finished.  Except I had one more idea.  There is an area towards the river that has the most beautiful yellow flowers year after year.  I have always thought they were canola flowers but I was wrong, they were these delicate little weeds.  I have driven by this area for more than a decade and always wanted to shoot there.  So we did!  I think they were my favorites from the session!!

Now the countdown is on until December 8, 2018 when we photograph their gorgeous wedding at the Events at Tranquility in the lovely town of Adams, Tennessee.  I love that venue, and it's owner!  I know their wedding will be a perfect day for them and I just can't wait!

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Thomas + Jennifer a Clarksville Engagement Session When I met Jennifer she explained that her future husband worked out of town, so I didn't get to meet him.  However, that pretty cold day at Starbucks, I got to meet her and her sweet mama.  Jennifer described her day for me and I just knew I wanted to shoot her wedding.  The way she spoke about him and how her eyes just sparkled made me feel like they are just so in love and happy.

When he came back to town we had our engagement shoot.  They decided downtown Clarksville was  the best place for our shoot.  I agree!!  When Thomas got out of the car, his first words to me had me howling with laughter.  I knew we would hit it off!!  I am really really short and they are both really really really tall.  They didn't hold that against me at all!!  

They love coffee!!  I knew that going in and I love love love this beautiful coffee shop on Strawberry Alley so we had coffee and shot there for a minute.  Isn't the area cute?

We walked around and explored a little.

Jennifer really loved this clock so we shot a few there too!

My very favorite area in the whole shoot was with these purple pink flowers in this tree!!  So pretty!  I felt like they brought out that both of them have beautiful eyes!

Then my second favorite area was with this large bell!

After a quick clothing change we did a few more and walked around more.

Have I mentioned I am READY for their upcoming wedding!!  My brain is SO full of ideas!!!  I know they can't wait either.  In the past week they have moved, she's had state testing in her classroom AND they have put the finishing touches on their wedding plans!!  What a busy life!  Counting the minutes until their wedding!!!

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Cam + Connie Connie, the lovely lady pictured here, is my sister in law.  She has been for twenty one years and counting!!  I think she was a baby then - we all were!!  lol!  I remember when she began talking about Cameron and how great he was and how great his girls were.  I have to say I love him almost as much as I love his girls.  They are so well spoken and just kind!  

They have a beautiful wedding planned and I can't wait to attend.  Who knows how long it's been since I attended a wedding and sat and enjoyed and had FUN without worry?  I don't know either.  Anyway, their wedding photographer is so amazing and I can't wait to meet her and see the wonderful work she will do.  She did their country engagement session and I was blessed enough to capture their Downtown Nashville Engagement Session.  For days it was rainy and cold so we had to reschedule once.  This day was absolutely super bright.  Since I usually work right before sunset we had to be creative.  I loved the way the sunlight shined on them.  There was a chill in the air so the friend they brought with them didn't stay with us long but I know she would have been so much fun!

We met in Cumberland Park.  I love that place!  There is a tiny little path that I have shot at before.  The funny thing is, I am used to seeing how beautiful it photographs and didn't think about how Connie and Cam would see it.  lol  I think Connie was a bit afraid because to her eye it was such an ugly place to begin!!  LOL!  The above image was the first taken there.

First I taught them some of my simple posing ideas and they ran from there!

I loved all the times he made her laugh!!  I used this bright light time of day to shoot the ring.  OH THAT RING!!!  I wondered if they noticed if it went on my finger and got "stuck"?  Connie's friend Kay helped me with this shot.  I loved the velvet softness of the leaves surrounding the pink stones.

Well I did the right thing and gave her back her ring.  (Sad face here!)  Next we just kind of made our way to the pedestrian bridge to get towards downtown.  We stopped for a few images first.

I posted this on my Facebook page but I should share here.  Connie and I have spoken at length about the type of man she wanted God to send her.  She is a mom so she wanted someone her kids could look up to, someone who would love them when they were rotten and love them when they were wonderful.  She prayed for a man with education and a christian background.  She just wanted someone loving and patient and kind.  She got someone who would make her laugh when she is stressing about things - even if he thinks those things are silly.  She wanted someone who could hold her hand and LISTEN and give her hard truths because he could see she was strong enough to take it - because she is.  While I wanted all of those things for Connie, I wanted her to be able to throw her head back and laugh and trust.  We all deserve that.  He does that which is why this next picture, unplanned, was a favorite of mine.

I told them their faces would not be in this so just do themselves and he cracked a joke and she relaxed and laughed.  That is the real Connie.

We made our way towards downtown and stopped to see the pretty cityscape.  


I loved when we found this little spot on our way to a section Connie really wanted.

Then we just sort of made our way around and had fun.  We finished early and parted ways so that everyone could enjoy dinner!  Here are some fun ones through the day!

Two weeks until the wedding!!!!  I can't wait!

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Natalie, Class of 2018 Natalie a Rossview High Senior, Class of 2018 called me herself to schedule her senior session.  I immediately was impressed and told her so!  We chatted about what she thought she would like.  Since we had SO much rain we rescheduled and then it was supposed to be overcast so we scheduled the session a little early in the day.  Y'all we used ALL the time.  lol  I think this might have been her moms workout for the day. lol!!

When they arrived at our scheduled meeting place of Rotary Park, in Clarksville, Tennessee, her mom got out of the car first and I KNEW her.  I knew her from somewhere.  I never forget a face but I am terrible with names.  She knew me too.  As soon as she spoke I knew where I knew her from.  Our girls were preschool best friends when they attended Clarksville Academy!!  They had little play dates and just loved each other!  That made the shoot more emotional for me, I think.  Of course it's been a few years so it's safe to say the girls don't remember each other but they are both SO similar we have got to get together before Natalie leaves!!!  

Anyway, we began and she was wearing this super pretty lace romper and flower crown.  I immediately could see her in the tall grass and by the creek.  

Then imagine my surprise when her dad brought the worlds coolest car for some pictures!!

I had to get some shots with everyone who came to cheer her on for her photoshoot!

She changed into her JROTC clothing and I was blown away by how mature she looked.  It isn't just how she looked it's how she spoke.  It's how she carried herself.  Sometimes when moms come with us there is a tension or even sometimes a bit of snipping at mom.  Not from this family.  Natalie's love and appreciation and respect for her mom was so evident the entire shoot.

Finally, she changed into her AMAZING prom dress!!  She looked incredible!

She wore her prom dress all the way to downtown and we started out with her wearing it there.  It was amazing.  She just looked awesome.

Next she put on this flowing blue floral blouse and white pants and the wind just made her look perfect as her shirt and hair gently moved.

From that area we drove to downtown Franklin street area and met up with her aunt so that her poor freezing grandma could get warm.  Y'all I have to take a second to show her family who came out and incredibly cheered her on and loved on her.  She is surrounded by love.

I had to throw in some outtakes because at this point her poor mama is reading this a crying.  Time to laugh Jodi!!  You did great!!  

LOOK!!!  They wanted one with me and Natalie!!!!  I love it!!!!!

Here are some of my favorites!  I hope you all enjoyed these and please feel free to pray for this sweet girl!  Natalie Faith is joining the Air Force to serve our county.  It was an honor to see you again Natalie and Jodi and Ben!!!!  I feel blessed that you all chose me for these.  Natalie, whatever you do, wherever you go, never change being the amazing person you are.  I wish you the absolute very best.


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Spring Double Wedding Do you participate in the "word of the year"?  I do.  Every year my word is different and it keeps me open and points me toward a new goal for the year.  This year my word is "ADVENTURE".  I was praying about my word and focusing on it and really wondering how I would use that word when I got a simple message asking if I was available on March 31, 2018 for her small wedding.  THEN she explained that the guest list was small but it would be a double wedding.  WHAT?  I haven't actually heard of many people doing those so I asked lots of questions.  I found out Ashley wanted what I hope, I specialize in.  She wanted her day captured in a fun way.  She said she loved my work too which was a great plus!  lol!

This is Ashley and Jay.

I communicated with Ashley quite a bit.  She really wanted her day captured as she married her true love.  

This is Pam and Simpson.  I didn't speak to Pam as much but I knew she was super sweet and I knew she was marrying the man she loved because her requests were, "candids" "Pam and Simpson" and "Pam and Sandy".  (Sandy is her beautiful sister and maid of honor.)

When we pulled into the property I knew these were my people.  There were men manning the meat in a giant smoker.  They all smiled and waved when we pulled in and two men, Jay and Simpson, immediately ran over to meet us.  Another family member asked to carry our bags.  These were nice looking, smiling, helpful happy men.  

The wedding took place at a family owned hunting cabin in Crofton, KY.  It was such a pretty drive from Clarksville!  March 31 was still a little chilly but the forecasted rain quickly moved and changed to where it was scheduled to come in that evening.  When we arrived the sky was blue and the sun was bright - but it was still cold!!  LOL!  We went in and met Pam, Sandy and some wonderful friends of theirs.  The hunting lodge was definitely a man space!  The bathroom made me laugh so hard.  There was an open closet, I wished I had photographed because it was so so perfect for a man space.  It held probably 20 cans of shaving cream, nearly that many bottles of peroxide and every assortment of bandage you could need while drinking all day while hunting and chopping and smoking meat.  lol!!  

Sandy was completely ready already and Ashely was still having hair and makeup done when we arrived.  (We always arrive way early. lol)  We sent the men to get ready soon after getting there and then it was time to begin first looks.  I thought Simpson was the absolute sweetest in response to seeing Pam.  It took my breath away to see his love for her.  

I loved their first look.  LOVED IT!

While they went inside to warm up we got Jay ready for his first look!

Side note:  Christina from Saved By Grace Photography was my second shooter on this day.  She has zero body fat so she was super cold.  Plus she didn't feel great.  You'd never know if you'd been there and she shot all the male details while I was getting brides ready and I loved these shots!!  (Second shooters are my fav!)

All day I could tell these people were in love.  ALL. DAY.  

Earlier in the day we had scoped out some lovely places to do formals of each couple and some bridal party pictures.  I took way too many both before and after the ceremony so I should share.  I loved Ashley's strapless lace dress she wore with cowgirl boots.  The wind caused the dress to flow around her ankles and I thought when she danced or walked she looked like Cinderella at the ball.  I think she chose the perfect hair style to match her dress and just looked so pretty.  The men - forget about it - what is it they say about a man in uniform??  HANDSOME!!!  Pam chose the coolest dress.  It was a white high low dress with slight ruffles and as the wind blew it fanned out like it was made for wind.  These couple couldn't have been more beautiful!

Did I mention Simpson and Jay are father and son?  I should have!!

They were so pretty!  Soon people began to pour in and boy were they excited to help and watch these couple get married.  We had the straw everyone sat on, covered so nothing would blow away and guests went to work right away, setting everything up.  Soon it was time for the ceremony to begin.  

Then we did some family formals and finally it was time for the reception!  Cake cutting was first on the list!

Then we did the first dances!!

They set up a few areas they really wanted portraits at, one area was the tractor.  Pam even made super cute pillows!!!!  I put them in this cute collage of details.

There was also this super adorable field and barn with just the right light.  I had to do some there too!  Can you believe we got all of this in around 3 and a half hours?  AND THEY FED US!!!!  Ashley and Pam looked at the back of the camera several times in the day.  Instead of being worried and wanting more more more, the ladies decided we shot more than they could have imagined and they all went in to change and left the family in charge of us and making sure we filled our plates.  Um we should have gotten pictures of that.  lol!  We ate like kings.  I went back for seconds.  Every single person there treated us like family.  No one minded us taking the couples away for portraits and they were just all together kind.  I feel blessed that I went on this adventure.  Pam sent us home with these cute blankets that she put their initials on.  I will leave you with a few more pretty images.  Can I book all the small weddings and elopements?  I loved it!



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Melody and Justin This is not their wedding blog but it is a little about their wedding.  I was editing this morning and thought about what a unique couple this is.  Melody and Justin were referred to me from a fellow photographer who was booked on their wedding date.  We emailed and spoke on the phone and met for the first time for their engagement session.  They were really just getting started on their wedding planning but were so sweet that I knew the day would be lovely.

On wedding day, I met Melody and all her friends and family at the bridal house they were getting ready in at Bottom View Farms.  She was so calm and smiling ear to ear.  Her makeup was done and her hair was perfect.  There was a quiet happy hum to the room but everyone was in sweet spirits - even Melody and Justin's dog Max!  As we were taking some detail shots of the dress Melody came over and quietly touched my arm.  She requested that I check on Justin.  She didn't know where her phone was and they didn't have great service in the area of the house, so they hadn't spoken all day.  She knew he would be nervous worrying about - her.  She was nervous about him worrying about her.  Neither of them were worried about the day or the weather we were expecting.  Neither worried about bridal party not getting along or family fights.  None of that crossed their minds!!  She wanted me to check on Justin and let him know she was excited to see him.  This is what makes them so special to me.  


When I arrived at the reception barn and outdoor wedding area I could hear the murmur of male conversation, but more than that I could hear laughter.  That warmed my heart.  We weren't down there 5 minutes before Justin came out to say hi.  The first thing he asked?  If I had spoken to Melody yet.  I assured him I had and that she was not nervous but instead excited to see him.  He immediately looked like a weight left him.  Why?  Because he was worried about her and her comfort.  Just as she had been concerned for his.  NEITHER OF THEM MENTIONED WEATHER - EVEN THOUGH STORMS WERE POSSIBLE.  


When I walked into where the men were getting ready I noticed something right away.  There was a comfort among these men that comes from years of knowing each other.  They had history.  They were men who knew each others silly stories and shared them with each other and us.  They were true friends.  That explained all the laughter.  Later in the day, they would show what kind of men they were and they impressed me so!

As I went back to get ready for the first look I assured Melody that Justin was good - just worried for her - just as she suspected.  I explained how funny these guys were!  She just laughed because she knew they would be.  After the first look we did bridal party shots before rain came in.  Melody and Justin were more worried about getting pictures with their friends than they were about a million formals of themselves.  They wanted the fun of the day documented.  As I was editing these I had to delete so many because the bridal party was laughing throughout the time I shared with them.

I did manage to get some serious ones that were far more traditional but I thought these laughing ones were more who this couple was and who their friends were.

While I was photographing the ladies I noticed something.  Not one bridesmaid was negative or unhappy!  They wanted Melody to be comfortable and happy.  It was just fun and beauty.  I could tell these ladies could be family and their closeness and joy felt for Melody was so obvious to see.  I feel like these people they invited into their bridal party showed the type of couple Justin and Melody are.  They are aware of others feelings and their concern for others is shown in a million different ways.  When the rain came in with the clap of thunder and lightening, the groomsmen showed up at the reception barn dressed in their tuxedo's and ran back and forth to the outside ceremony site to grab chairs.  They moved tables and fans.  They wiped down wet chairs and they checked with me to ask about how the pictures would look with this moved here.  One of the groomsmen remarked that the pictures would last forever so there was nothing to heavy to relocate.  That is the type of people Justin and Melody know.  The ceremony turned out so romantic and so beautiful.  I can't wait to share the whole wedding with you all.  I just could not let another day pass without remarking on the care Justin and Melody have for one another and the sweet souls they asked to be part of their wedding party.  I hope all enjoy this little glimpse into the day.


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Rogers Kerr Wedding

When I started photography people I used to work with were so supportive of my journey.  Through the years they have commented on posts or liked images they saw.  Cynthia Rogers was one of those supporters.  She was a teacher when I was first a cafeteria monitor then an educational assistant.  She is one of the most talented teachers I have ever worked with and everyone loved her!  I was so excited when she messaged me.  She was tentative in her message.  She was planning a small intimate wedding with her fiancé.  She knew she wanted it photographed but wasn't sure if it would be worth my time.  The funny thing is I have ALWAYS wanted to photograph elopements and small weddings.  IT IS MY DREAM!  I, of course, being a professional played it cool.  I SCREAMED and wrote when and where in all caps back to her.  lol. (I am so not cool!)


I met Cynthia and Jeff at Starbucks and I immediately was struck by how attentive they were to each other.  Then they spoke and I came to tears a couple of times.  You see Jeff would talk about Cynthia's sweet boy and what a great little buddy he was and he would have tears in his eyes.  Cynthia would talk with pride about Jeffs girls and they would hold hands and laugh.  Then they told me the story of how they met and their first date.  We laughed so hard and I loved hearing their stories.  

They got married at Cynthia's parents house and Cynthia's step father went all out and was so excited.  (The entire family were just so happy!!). They were so laid back and just truly glad to get married.  They made it so exciting!!  

They even used their antique prayer bench!!



I love how two families became one.

I LOVE how the kids love each other.  

This guy didn't want any pictures alone.  He wanted his new sisters to be with him in each picture.  It was the cutest thing ever.  During the ceremony the kids stood right by the bride and groom and they were so adorable.  

They kind of stole the show at times, I will say.  Since I know this bride and groom I can say they will laugh when I say that!

I loved when little B was holding the rings in his pockets and gave Jeff the wrong one.  We all got tickled!!

This is my favorite of how cute the kids were.

During the ceremony I loved how they looked at each other and just how happy they were!

During the ceremony they had a prayer and asked all couples to hold hands and reaffirm their own vows and I LVOED that!!!

Soon the ceremony was over - but it was so excellently done!  Then we did group. pictures of all the guests and with all the guests.  

This was just such a pretty March day!  The wind was lovely and the sunshine was gorgeous!

If you want to know how everyone felt after the ceremony was over - to finally be a family, this describes them to perfection!

Yay!!!!!!  EVERYONE was so happy!!  I am thankful for this family.  I am thankful they asked me to shoot this wedding.  They weren't sure since it was small.  I offer elopement packages that start at one and a half hours JUST for this.  What a fun day!

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Isabella + Justin Formal PortraitJustin and Isabella outside of their venue at Freedom Point, in Clarksville, TN

In 2013 I was a super new photographer and the Holt family from my church trusted me to shoot Isabella's senior pictures.  I was super new.  

Anyway, I have seen her really grow and mature through the years and was so excited when she and her mom asked me to shoot her wedding!

On July 16, 2016 Isabella Holt married Justin Herren, father of Abigail Herren, at Freedom Point in Clarksville, Tennessee.  I met Isabella and her mom, Melanie at the Riverview Inn where they were getting dressed for the day.  When I got to the hotel with my assistant Nicole, we were greeted by Isabella wearing the cutest monogrammed shirt, monogrammed by Amy Barrett.  Her hair and makeup were fixed and she was stunning.  She was attended by her maid of honor and sister, Olivia Holt as well as her bridesmaids, Miranda Tidwell, Crystal Gosa, and Junior Bridesmaid, Elissa Shultz.  

The ladies were all dressed in their matching shirts.  They were having such fun getting ready and doing last minute stuff together that my assistant and I took some items outside and did detail shots of them.  They had gorgeous wedding boots for Isabella AND Abbie, her sweet soon to be step daughter.  Melanie did all of the flower arrangements herself.

One of my favorite parts of Isabella and Justin's wedding were the stories and the sentiment that seemed to follow every little detail.  When Melanie married Brian Holt on June 28, 1997, sweet little 18 month old Isabella wore a beautiful flower crown.  They saved that headpiece and all these years later, sweet little Abbie wore the VERY SAME headpiece when her daddy married Isabella and made Isabella a step mom!!  They lovingly added a few new flowers and Abbie looked like an absolute angel.  More about that in a minute.

When it was time for Isabella to get her dress on her mom and her sister assisted her.  I loved Isabella's dress and felt like it really was SO her and perfect for her day!

Once the dress was on Isabella and Melanie had time alone together.  Melanie presented her sweet daughter with a gorgeous bracelet to wear and to cherish.  It was a surprise and tears were shed by all three of us.  I mean, to say Melanie worked tirelessly for the wedding was an understatement.  Both of them worked hard and grew even closer in the process.

When we arrived at Freedom Point, part of the Clarksville Parks and Rec facilities at Clarksville Marina, I immediately noticed the beautiful alter built by Justin and his groomsman Evan.  They actually cut the cedar tree themselves a created this beautiful alter, and once it was all set up ladies lovingly decorated it.

Justin and Isabella decided to do a first look.  As Justin waited for Isabella I saw this very laid back man be almost breathless, he was so anxious to see her.  Being a wedding photographer I must admit, private first looks are my favorite part of the wedding.  Oh the romantic magic!  In fact Justin said later that, "Isabella was so beautiful but when I saw her as my soon to be wife I was stunned by how beautiful she was."  I am not going to say how they both reacted but I will say Justin was holding Isabella so hard that I though he was going to break her and she was BEAMING!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the first look!  

After we all relaxed for a few minutes they had their first look with sweet Abbie.  They both though she was breathtaking and she looked just like an angel.  She ran to them with the most precious expression!

We took some time to do portraits then!  The ladies wore dresses from Belk.  I thought the color and cut was so flattering on them.  I loved Isabellas dress from David's Bridal.

Then we did some portraits of Justin and his best man, Kyllor DeGraff and his groomsmen Evan Hollingsworth, and Kyle Bunch.  Their ties and vest and shirts were all from the Men's warehouse and they pared those with their own jeans.  


At 6:00pm it was time for the ceremony!  Tom Payne officiated the marriage ceremony.  I thought they couldn't have picked a more beautiful time of day for the wedding!  Everyone looked so nice while they stood over looking the water pledging their lives to each other with friends and family looking over.

The reception was so pretty!  Bobby Ogg blessed the food before our delicious meal.  All of the food came from Gordon Food and I can tell you it was delicious! I loved how Melanie, Isabella and friends of the Holts, decorated the venue.  There were pictures and even a fishing themed grooms table.  His grooms cake was the cutest I have ever seen!  L & M Bakery did a wonderful jobs on all the cakes including the wedding cake and cupcakes.  Everyone was raving over the delicious baked goods.  I wished I could have enjoyed them but since I can't have gluten I sure couldn't but they were pretty to look at and photograph!  

Anyone see a Mickey Mouse here?

Soon the party was winding down and the family all gathered to chat and enjoy the beautiful evening!  Even though it was July, the evening air was soft and there was a cool breeze.  It was a perfect day to be married.  I was so honored to watch this young couple begin a new chapter in their love story.  Thank you Justin and Isabella for allowing me to be the one to capture that story!  I will leave you all with more images of the evening!

Thank y'all for stopping in!!  


Mandy Chadwick 


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L & K Part 2 There 

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote part one but there was more to Kevin and Lacey's love story.  So much more.  They are having a sweet new baby!!!  I am so excited for them.  They are just so excited to announce it to the world!!!!  New baby Fee is on the way!!  Can you believe how many moments and stories I get to be part of?  Yeah me neither.  My life is a dream!


This one is my favorite!!


Oh the love stories!!  Contact me soon to schedule yours!



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Monica + Seth January 2016, I got the opportunity to meet Monica and Seth.  Someone Monica worked with gave her my name when Monica was planning her wedding in Clarksville, Tennessee.  When I met them they seemed so in love and so excited to be getting married.  They were in love and planning the wedding but Seth was still planning the official engagement.  When he did give her the ring and ask her, it was a total surprise to Monica.  They videoed the whole thing and posted it on Facebook.  I cried when I saw it!!  It was so sweet!

They planned on using a friend to capture their engagement photos but their friend had to leave town suddenly so they asked if they could do that rather last minute with me.  I agreed and was so excited to meet them in downtown Clarksville .  I think they were a little nervous, especially Seth, so I really wanted them to see how easy working with me could be, so that wedding day, we would have a really nice laid back day.  Well within minutes of the engagement, shoot Seth was laughing and smiling and almost forgot we were shooting pictures!

This was about the time Seth began to trust that this would be a relaxing day.  Plus he could go home and watch the Super Bowl later.  lol!

We walked around Downtown Clarksville and then we went to the the Clarksville Marina.  I laughed and so did they the whole time!!!  I was so grateful for that shoot because I knew working with them would be so fun and they trusted me so completely.  Plus I knew how to make them laugh!!  lol!

Their Wedding day was April 23, 2016.  The day was overcast a little bit chilly.  The grass was super green from spring rains and the dew.  My assistant, Nicole and I arrived at Bible Baptist Church early that day so we could look around and decide where to shoot.  We walked around the entire building.  We loved the long tree lined drive, the little red barn, and the green grass.  While we were looking, we found one solitary tree.  Upon closer inspection the tree was budding purple flowers.  This was significant to me because I knew their colors were shades of purple.  I filed this away in my brain for later.

When we walked in to the building we were greeted by Monica's bridesmaids who were leisurely getting ready for the day.  Sara, Rebecca and Katie, plus Monica and her Mom (Tamara) were all at a long table getting makeup on.  The room was rather quiet and subdued I guess everyone was still sleepy because as the day went on there were so many jokes and so much laughter!  I fell in love with the bridesmaids dresses!  They were almost an eggplant color and perfect for every single body type.  I think they are some of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen.  The wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses were from David's Bridal.  

 The bridal gown for Monica was a cool shade of white with lovely embellishments.  I remember wondering how she would style her short hair but it was so beautiful.  I thought she looked sort of old school glamourous.  She just looked like she KNEW she was doing the best thing in her life that day.  Her bridesmaids and mom were there to do whatever it was she asked all day.  Everyone got along and laughed.  When you shoot weddings you don't always get to see that perfect love with the bridal party but Seth and Monica chose so well.  We began the day shooting on the drive but quickly decided that the flowering purple tree made the perfect decoration for photos.  It complimented the dresses and flowers so perfectly.  I know it was chilly and damp at first but NO ONE complained about where I asked them to go!!  

The groomsmen and Seth came in about an hour before time for pictures to begin.  I loved their grey suits from the Men's Warehouse.  I thought they really complimented the simple old school glamour theme I really had in my head.  Monica really isn't a trendy sort of bride, to me.  To me, she and Seth are very traditional.  I think her dress will look gorgeous years from now too.  

As you can see from some of the photos, the bridal party were all funny and got along with one another!  Seth's groomsmen were Bobby, Zack and Chris.  Zack is Monica's brother and Rebecca's husband.  They have the cutest little guy!!!  I did try to steal him away or photograph him all day long!!  lol!

Monica and Seth wanted beautiful images but they were way more about the emotion of the day.  In fact when we were making the shot list, Monica wanted me to know and understand she wanted the day to be about the two of them -- not just about her.  I LOVED that sentiment!  They did not do a first look so we split up our time and images.

One thing they both wanted to do was exchanged letters and pray together before the wedding.  I think the anticipation of the day was pretty magnificent during the time they were inches from each other in the hall and holding hands.  I cried like a baby during this time but apparently Seth's letter to Monica had some funny things in it to ease her nervousness because she got tickled and was laughing which made him laugh too.  I think this was my second favorite part of the day. 

My first favorite part of the day was definitely who Monica chose to be her flower girl.  The beautiful NANA!!  There was nothing that could have been sweeter, to me.  This shows how much they love their family.  This is perfect Monica and Seth. 

Monica and Seth had lanterns decorating the sanctuary and flowers decorating their cake and Monica ordered special shoes for the day.  I tried to capture pieces of these details to show you all.  The flowers were from Adam and Tiffany Moore and the baker was Sara Pendergrass at Cakes By Sara.  

Soon it was almost time for the wedding to begin and everyone was nervous.  Heck I was nervous and it wasn't even my wedding!!  I want to say this before I go farther.  Monica's mom and dad won me over.  I love them.  They were kind and loved to joke and laugh.  At one point after the wedding was over they met me in town and gifted me homemade applesauce and strawberry preserves.  They are the best people.  Seriously, they NEVER made me feel any less than a member of the family.  They were so perfect and must be powerful mentors in their church family.

When it was time for the wedding to start I looked at Seth and could see every emotion on his face.  Later he said that his favorite part of the wedding was that moment right before the doors opened, when the anticipation was killing him because he couldn't see her and didn't know what she looked like.  Next his favorite thing was when the doors first opened.  He said to Monica of the moment, "First when the doors first opened and you had that glow when you had the dress on and you were all beautifully decorated with make up and your hair done!"  When she walked in he was moved to tears and I don't think there was a dry eye in the room!

Their ceremony was so full of love and the celebration of what they were doing.  I especially loved how serious Pastor Bryan Baggett took this ceremony.  He made it about them and their covenant with God and each other.  Nothing was theatrical but beautiful interwoven with scripture.  It was a perfect ceremony for them.  

After the wedding, guests were treated to snacks in the reception hall and I took the new husband and wife and bridal party outside for portraits.  I advised them to spend extra time with me so their first moments as a team could be captured.  They built this into their timeline and actually when I asked them their favorite wedding day memories Monica said, "I am so glad I listened to you about taking the time for pictures because those are memories I will never lose." 

Monica also said she loved remembering Seth's reaction to seeing her for the first time.  About the pictures she said, " Lastly, honestly, one of my favorite things about the wedding were the pictures between me and him after the ceremony.  I love those pictures and I loved the closeness of taking them."  I think doing the engagement session helped prepare them for the way we could work together and help flow their day.  They gave me their trust and I hope their wedding day wishes came true.  

Today Monica and Seth are still deliriously happy and are currently buying their first home together.  They are a blessing to know and I am so happy I played a small part in their day.  With one of their anniversary gifts to them from me, I hope to capture them at home in their new house, where we can continue documenting their love story.  Thank you Monica and Seth for choosing me.

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I wasn't going to talk about any of this as I am a person who feels like when you do something nice, you don't mention it again.  I believe God sees and the people for whom I have done the nice thing know or don't know but they feel it, you know?  I changed my mind at about 2:30am on Friday morning.  It came to me as I woke up from sleep, that this wasn't my story.  I was a bit character in a story much larger and way more plot driven than just my little part.  So here it is, Dreams.

A couple of weeks ago I opened an email which stopped my heart and made me catch my breath.  It made my eyes sting from unshed tears and even my nose began to sting.  It stirred something in me that I can't explain.  The email was from Sara, who owns my gym, Prime Fitness in Clarksville, Tennessee.  Getting emails isn't in itself a shocking thing.  They email us information about promotions etc. but this one was just more than that.  

In the email, Sara described her dream that she had been working on making a reality.  She was training her body and mind for the last three years for climbing the first, for her, of the world's 7 summits, Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina.  She saved her money and held her dreams close to her while she trained so hard.  I don't know if you all have ever dreamed of climbing a mountain but I haven't.  Anyway, she actually really really was excited about sleeping on the ice at 23,000 ft and was so thrilled about the idea of this adventure.  I will never forget this quote from Sara in our email, "However, as excited as I have been for this trip I recently heard Love INVITE me to lay it down."  She went on to explain how she met a new friend named Kennedy.  She is a 19 year old woman who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) while she was a junior at West Creek High.  Sara met Kennedy through a Prime member who is on Kennedy's hospice team.  Sara wanted to see that Kennedy's dream, no matter how crazy, came true in life.  They talked about river rafting and sky diving -- and that is what made the tears fall.  Y'all I have a beautiful child who is about to be seventeen and she dreams of a lifetime of adventures that are too crazy to even think about for me.  Last year for her birthday she begged us to let her sky dive.  This could be my baby talking of dreams instead of being allowed to live them.  I am so thankful that Kennedy had that time at that kitchen table to laugh and dream with Sara.  Sara was determined to find Kennedy's real dream but Kennedy could only talk about her family and how to help them find joy, she couldn't say or probably even allow herself to dream her own BIG dreams.  I can imagine when she finally did speak the words, they probably came out in an uncertain whisper, unsure if she was even really supposed to utter them outloud to the universe.  Finally it came.  She loves the beach and dreams to see Fiji and swim with the dolphins.  She wants to see a waterfall.  Let that soak in.  This young woman who two years ago was full of passion and adventure just wants to see a foreign beach, dolphins and a waterfall.  Lord, I didn't even know such a place existed so she must have poured over images on the internet etc, to even find out about such a place.  

The Make A Wish Foundation only sponsors kids younger than 18 and the Dream Foundation only supports dreams inside the Untied States.  Sara doesn't believe in conditions or limitations when it comes to love or dreams.  Right then Sara PROMISED her that she would get to go to Fiji with her mom and dad.  She promised Kennedy in full faith so Sara traded her dream of climbing her own mountain for a dream of helping Kennedy climb hers.  She wanted to offer Kennedy something that her family and the doctors couldn't, she offered Kennedy HOPE in the form of a dream.  Here is the part of the email that spoke literal words to me.  Sara said, " I want to INVITE you to join me in this love story."  Love story is my phrase of the year.  Y'all this IS a love story and how could I help?  Where do I fit in?  Where do you, the reader fit in?  They had a day where they closed the gym and opened it up to visitors from gyms from all over who paid $10 to work out on one day.  It was called Mayhem - Workout for a Reason.  Now I could do that with my husband and give $20. We could even add a little more with it or I could invite YOU to help me dream BIGGER.

She said my phrase in her email as though she were talking to me.  She was talking to me.  She was inviting me to help.  I knew I could donate a session or more than one but y'all mini sessions are hard and tiring.  I couldn't go spend the day at some random park waiting in the cold for people who could be late or not show up.  What could I do?  I have a friend named Tyler who shared the land near him, with me.  He always told me to just go and it was fine.  Without that land 5 minutes from me I would not be able to do this.  This was a beautiful spot and an enormous part of this story for without it there would be no story.  I set out feelers of who would want to join me in this.  The very first person within minutes of me posting was Melissa. I have known her family for many many years and they are the best people.  Melissa and her sister, Suzanne are nearly perfect humans.  Seriously if I didn't love them I could hate them.  They are beautiful and funny and athletic and have the best children.  No matter how much time has passed since I have seen those children they hug me and treat me like family!  So Melissa signed up and then so did Suzanne.  Then my friend Amy signed up.  I met her this year and knew we would be friends.  Then one of Suzanne's friends, Jessica signed up and lastly a local, extremely talented photographer signed up.  (And she complimented MY work, and hers is gorgeous!!  It was such a blessing to my heart!). I had a few others who signed up but were unable to come due to weather or obligations but they prayed about the work being done.  

I woke up that morning to a freezing cold and windy day.  My friend Alison messaged to tell me how she was praying for it to go well.  That was so amazing, I thought.  The first family came and they had littles in that cold wind but there was no crying - only smiling and joy.  It warmed my heart, I can tell you that.  When I finished with their session I went home to eat and warm up.  My friend, Christina, with Saved By Grace Photography called and wanted to come help!  The day warmed up and the sun was out.  Y'all it was a blessed day.  

Monday morning I gave the envelope of cash and checks to Sara.  I tried to just hand it to her and run but she chased me down and thanked me sincerely.  She said someone told her their photographer was doing some thing special and Sara said with pride, "I KNOW HER!!!"  lol. Several from the gym thanked me but I felt like I did so little.  It was the families who gave and the individuals who prayed who blessed this family and I felt like I just turned in the money.  Yesterday, at the gym Sara said she called Kennedy's family to meet at the bank.  She had already told them what the amount to deposit was and when she got there she handed them the last envelope, the one from us, and the family asked why?  Why would someone (us) give an entire day of work, just for them when we didn't even know this family.  Sara told them that no matter what they were going through, no matter how bad it got, God loved them.  The community loved them and we all wanted them to once again feel love and hope.  That is why I wanted to share this love story with you all.  They are going to Fiji.  I wish I could be there when Kennedy touches the sleek skin of the dolphin. I wish I could capture her face in the final pink and orange light of the sunset that evening.  I wish I could see her awe and hear her laugh when she not only sees a waterfall but maybe feels the foam as it tickles her nose.  I wish I could capture, on film, the joy that family will have as they relish time together doing something that they didn't dream they would be able to do a month ago.  I want to thank beautiful Sara, who's face always shines with love and joy and who's heart is sweet and kind.  Without her stepping out in faith, without her giving of her time to actually learn about Kennedy, there would be a different story and it wouldn't be so rich with love.  Thank you Sara for showing me and countless others, your heart and how to love and dream in full faith.  Any story can be a love story.  Thank you Kennedy for allowing Sara in, I pray your time in Fiji is better than your endless dreams and the joy you feel will fill you an fuel you.  Thank you Tyler and Madison for loving me and trusting me, without you, this day would not have been possible for me.  I will treasure the time I was able to photograph on land that was more beautiful in the sunset, than any other land could be.  Thank you Christina for running around feeding candy to two year old triplets until you were so tired you wanted to go to bed.  Thank you to Amy, Suzanne, Jessica, Melissa, and Pam for driving all this way and letting me capture your families on film and helping to show love to Kennedy.  Thank you for answering the call and being so generous.  Thank you to the friends and family who prayed for a successful day.  Please continue to pray for Kennedy and her journey.  

Mark 12:31 And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.”

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L + K Oftentimes people tell me that they don't want to have pictures made in the winter because it's so ugly out.  I am not going to lie, Clarksville, Tennessee has not been the prettiest lately BUT there is always a reason for capturing memories!  Since it was somewhat rainy and gloomy we decided to go to downtown Clarksville to use all of the color as a backdrop.  On my way there I couldn't help but be in awe of all of the beautiful fog around me.  As soon as I got out of my car and hugged Lacey, she mentioned capturing the fog in some images.  We were thinking alike!!


Sometimes how I meet people is an interesting story.  This one is great!  My friend Christina from Saved By Grace Photography has a family that she regularly photographs.  Basically the family is part of her family without the genetics!  I have gotten to meet them as I have helped on some of their family shoots.  Well when the mom, who is also named Lacey, was ready to deliver her baby, she wanted a birth photographer.  Christina just happened to be out of town that weekend so she sent Lacey to me!  I went to the hospital where she was supposed to have her cesarean section and waited -- only to find out, they wouldn't let me see her until two hours after the baby was born!  So I sat with Lacey's family in the waiting room and I also made friends with another photographer.  When I got to go meet the baby I was introduced to the baby nurse, which happened to be THIS Lacey!  lol!  I followed the baby to her first little bath and absolutely fell in love with Lacey's easy gentle way and I fell in love with that sweet baby too!!  By the time I left the hospital I regretted not becoming Facebook friends with the nurse!  I finished the gallery, (that should be a blog post soon!) and my client Lacey contacted me and wished her nurse Lacey could see images of herself working.  I had a friend who also works in the same unit and she agreed to share the gallery with nurse Lacey!  So that is how we met!  It turns out she lives not too far from me and we scheduled a session!!!


Anyway, back to the session!  I got to meet Kevin, who didn't seem to think I was a stalker, which was a bonus.  lol.  He was super nice and also enjoys photography!!  

After we did a few images in downtown we decided to see if we could capture the fog before the rain came in, so we ventured down to Clarksville Marina's wetlands!  I have always dreamed of shooting there on a foggy day.  I had one client who wanted to shoot there once but it was the middle of summer when it was packed with fishermen.  We were hoping to have a rare moment of vacancy down there. 

Sure enough, we got there and it was gorgeous!! It wasn't super foggy, which was a bummer but we made it work.  It was raining pretty heavily by the time we left!!  If you are ever in Clarksville and want a photographer for this area I AM IN!!!

I love how sweet these two were.  Kevin was so sweet to her and didn't mind at all that I was dragging them around.  I know they were hungry!  They were on the way to Blackhorse for brunch, which they said was AMAZING, but I heard NO complaints!  I hope I get the chance to shoot for them again soon!!  I have more to blog about this session but I think it will have to be a two parter!!  Thank you all for reading this!  Do you have a location you've always wanted to have a session at?  Where?  

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Love Stories

Every year, at this time, the gyms are crowded with those of us who make a new resolution (well sometimes old resolution we renew every year) to work out and get fit.  The grocery aisles are filled with organization devices because we are determined this year will be the year we clear out minds and spaces from clutter.  Churches see higher attendance because we are convinced this is the year we will give up that one day of a week of sleeping in and be involved in church and have regular Sunday morning attendance.  One of these might be you or all of them might be you.  


Those who are business owners pick this time of year to focus on our goals, some times we even pick a word or phrase that mean something to us.  Maybe it's a technique we are determined to learn or that we are going to save money.  Either way we pick a word.  Last year my word was confidence.  I was going to go into the year more confident in my business being more intentional.  Up until last year, business was something that happened to me, but 2016 was the year I was going to tackle the business.  I made myself goals like booking three weddings for the year, booking three seniors, and a new family every month, and blogging more.  I just really wanted to focus more on my business.  The first week I scheduled three weddings, three seniors and a couple of new family shoots and boy, no one was more surprised that me that it would happen that quickly!  Talk about goals!  Except my word was confidence.  I had to sell me, my pricing and the importance of prints with CONFIDENCE!  I quickly stopped blogging and will admit that telling people the reason they should choose me was very difficult.  I don't like people who toot their own horn and I didn't want to be that gal!  So I bought very expensive software to assist me with sending out contracts and questionnaires and invoices!  (No more forgetting to ask for payment at the shoot!!). I was busier in my business than I ever thought possible.  2016 was an amazing year!

This year I have been slow about my goals and word.  I wondered how I could possibly do better with bookings than last year.  SO today I have started a new goal list that I will begin praying over.  (I pray over my goals because I want God to help me be intentional and I want Him to be the first to hear me.  I want God to know all credit of anything I am able to produce, do or be comes from HIM not me.)


This year my phrase is Love Story.  I want to be the storyteller through my images of your love story.  I'm not talking I am only shooting weddings and engagements.  I'm talking I want to sew together the fabric of your story and tell it so that generations from now your story will still have meaning and strength.  Your love stories are when you created a surprise birthday party for your mama's 80th and invited every friend seen and unseen in the last 30 years and bring them all together over bbq and cake.  I want to tell your story.  I want to tell the story of you caring for your child with cancer and how you fix pancakes in the morning and give him his meds and you wake up for the day with so much love in your heart that it shines on your face.  I want to tell your birth story so that every year on his or her birthday you can go back and remember every hand hold, nurse and doctor who helped with that day.  I want to tell the story of your baby turning one and how he is your little wild thing so we create a space that tells your story.  I want to be the one who tells the story of your love that keeps you awake at night every single night of your husbands deployment and up early in the morning to get your children to school because your husband depends on you to be strong while he is away.  I want to tell the story of your family sitting around the dinner table you had crafted with enough seating that all your children can bring their husbands and wives and children and ALWAYS have a seat at your table.  I want to tell the story of your family farm by photographing you with your family with all the hope of the future while standing in front of the old house of your past.  I want to enter your home and take pictures of the first week of your child's life or the last days with your pet.  I want to take pictures of you in a field of golden wheat in the sunset dancing with the man you love more today, than you did 20 years ago when you married him, while your children play around you.  These stories are your past and your future and I want to be the one to tell them.

Hollywood wants us to believe love begins when he asks you to marry him and pinnacles with a walk down the aisle but I want to capture all of it.  Real love begins and ends over and over again with the same man through so many years and I want to capture how the years change that love.  Hollywood tells you that the giant white wedding of your dreams is the only way you can be happy and while I want to capture that I also want to capture the couple at the courthouse getting married before the husband deploys or the couple getting married in their living room with family and a couple of friends watching.  If it's YOUR love story, I want to capture it!  Let this be the year of babies and weddings, of family sessions and surprise engagements!  Let me capture your seniors personality in swoon worthy gloss.  Let this be the year Mandy Chadwick Photography captures the joy you feel when you look at your crazy wild free and loving family.  2017 and all it's love stories are just waiting to be told!

Do you have an idea of a story you'd like told?  Do you know someone planning a tiny wedding or elopement?  I would love to speak with them!  IF you send them my way, you will get a special referral prize!!  Let's tell lot's of stories together this year!

So many love stories!!  I am ready!!




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Winter Photography Cloudy winter day - perfection! Most people think the absolute best time to have family pictures taken is in the spring.  I absolutely disagree.  Springtime is nice - don't get me wrong - but there is something about the shades of winter that make it so appealing!  Recently I had the honor of photographing this Clarksville family in Cooperstown at HOPE Christmas tree farm.  Have you heard of them?  The proceeds from their Christmas tree farm (including the deposit to have family pictures taken) is given to Montgomery County foster children.  Two of the owners children came to chat with me while I waited for my family to arrive and they were the most well spoken children! Anyway, this precious family was referred to me from another awesome local photographer who was all booked up.  I LOVED Courtney's ideas to dress up.  We used very few props.


I just love how there aren't competing colors and it really wasn't that cold!  

This family was amazing.  Anthony had traveled off and on for two days to get to town.  He arrived right before the photoshoot.  Their little guy was not having anyone other than his daddy the whole time we were there.  We did pictures until almost dark.  By the time we left the little guy ran and gave me a big hug!  I asked him if he would go home with me and he almost agreed!!  Haha!  Alas, he went home with his mama and daddy and celebrated Christmas a couple of days after this shoot.  Thank you Williams family for being so precious!!  

If you are thinking about booking a winter session I have a great Mini Session deal going on with a couple of time slots still available.  Please let me know if I can add you to the schedule!!  

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That post about our trip to Savannah, GA!! Last week both kids were attending a christian youth development session called, Uplift on the Harding campus.  They were thrilled to be able to attend!  This was Luke's first time being old enough to go.  They even got to stay in the dorms!  Both kids haven't stopped talking about it yet, so I know it hit home with them.  Meanwhile, we decided to take time to ourselves for the first time since having children 14 years ago! Where should we go?  We kept throwing places around in our heads.  We decided to go to the Historic district in Savannah, Georgia.  We were NOT disappointed!

The first day we checked in to the hotel and mentioned it was our first kid free trip since having kids and they happily upgraded us to a suite! We went for a walk around the squares and decided to eat dinner.  Thomas found a magazine with a restaurant guide and he wanted to try one of the local places out.  So that first night we ate a candlelit dinner at 17 hundred 90 Restaurant and Inn.  It was so good, and I wished I had taken pictures of the inside and outside of this place!!  Of course, it's supposed to very haunted!  Rest easy, friends, we saw no ghosts, not even the one of poor Anna, who threw herself from the top story of the inn window, in despair over lost love.  The current building is only a couple of stories high so I assume the original inn, which burned years ago, was taller?  Anyway, the funny story there was, it was totally a romantic place.  The piano player was playing, the room was extremely dim, lit only by candles on the few tables they have scattered about the room. All of the sudden there was blinding light to our right.  The hostess put us in a corner and the table, in the center of the room, had four older people reading the menu.  Apparently, it was too dim for them to see so they pulled out their large led flashlight!  We kept laughing all night about how funny they were.  They were telling old war stories and they unknowingly entertained us as well!  Anyway, dinner was excellent and so was the gluten free dessert they offered!

We walked all around the squares.  Thomas loved the Spanish moss and all of the ferns growing in nooks and corners of the Live Oak trees.  

It was good that we had comfortable shoes because this was not a lay around sort of vacation!  We walked A LOT!!  The second day we were going to head over to Tybee Island but we found out the lighthouse was not open at all on Tuesdays.  Thomas had never seen a lighthouse so he really wanted to go on a day they were open.  Instead of going to Tybee, we hung around Savannah and visited the shopping district.  They are the only place ever that has a Goodwill a few stores down from a Marc Jacobs store.  We had a nice laugh about that but I still didn't go in either.  We did go to a consignment shop down from the Goodwill and those prices scared me.  We walked right back out!  I did visit a outdoorsy type store that carried lots of backpacking gear and some beautiful hiking clothes.  

That evening we did a ghost tour by carriage!!  That was a fun way to see the city and hear some local stories and histories.  After we went there we ate at Leopold's.  Oh my.  They make their own ice cream and their own sauces!  We ate there twice.  The first time I had a hot fudge sundae, which was incredible.  The second time we went I wanted to try some ice cream that I could only get there.  So I had a double scoop bowl containing, Chocolate Raspberry Swirl and Honey Almond.  PEOPLE!!!!!  The Honey Almond is probably the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!!!!!  My taste buds were dancing and singing the Hallelujah Chorus!!  At some point in the day we went to Savannah Bee Company. Our friends said we would love it and we did!!  I tried about 20 types of honey.  I was in love with all forms of honey on this trip!!

We also visited a catholic church while we were in Savannah.  We aren't catholic but this building is so beautiful I had to photograph it.  I felt bad about photographing inside but the lady in charge of tourism assured us it was ok.  

The next day we had to leave.  Sad sad sad.  We went to Bonaventure Cemetery that morning.  Have you ever been there?  Apparently, over one hundred years ago families would mourn their loved ones by commissioning statues of them.  Some of these are of the actual deceased (from paintings I suppose) and some of them are of angels or one was even a giant statue of Jesus.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing!  My two favorites were of the actual deceased.  One was a woman and one was a child named, Gracie.  Both were so sad to see.

There was a Jewish section and some of the tombstones marked people who were survivors of the Holocaust.  My heart just broke thinking of what atrocities this beloved wife, mother and grandmother saw.

Finally, we went to Tybee and saw the lighthouse and walked the beach.  It was such a lovely vacation.  If you ever have a chance to go there, I would recommend it in a second.  I think next time we will stay at a historic inn or at a B&B.  Do you have any special places you enjoy visiting?  I will leave you with a few more of my favorite photos including my favorite couple of cottages we saw walking through town and the Jesus statue.  My very favorite statue was one that simply said, "God is love".  I think that sums things up perfectly.

God is love. GOD IS LOVE

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