Mandy Chadwick Photography | About
Thank you so much for visiting my page and learning a little more about me!  I am a mom of two kids and wife to a wonderful husband.  My passion is photography and I will go anywhere to shoot!  I love farms, open spaces, cities, and anywhere else there are smiling faces.  I photograph engagements, weddings, families, babies and I really enjoy lifestyle work for parties, events, and newborns.  Be prepared for a little fireball because I love to laugh and joke and I am always moving.  Kids tend to like me because I am about their height and husbands enjoy my photography because I am pretty painless and try to make things fun!  My style tends to be Tennessee Southern because I have been here my whole life.  I look forward to photographing in new places and meeting new people!  I hope you have a blessed day and thank you again for visiting my website!  Here at Mandy Chadwick Photography we love fun and believe in sharing our joy with YOU!!  Come on by again sometime and shoot me a message to schedule your session!