Hi! I am Mandy!  Currently I am obsessed with my puppies, Dolly Parton and Reese's Peanut Butter cups.  My hobbies are talking to random elderly people at the supermarket and trying to make eye contact with every toddler I see, just to wave at them.  Kids love me, I think because I am super short.  I have tiny feet but a loud laugh and I am ALWAYS laughing!  Just like Buddy the Elf, smiling actually is my favorite.  And Dolly.  (Fun fact, I have tried to name every female dog we have ever had Dolly but my husband of 27 years, Thomas, won't let me!). We currently have four miniature dachshunds and they provide endless entertainment for me and I am actually most of the time covered in puppy kisses.  I have celiac disease so I am strictly gluten free but thankfully so are Reeses cups and Hershey bars with almonds!  I don't know how I would get through the day without my Peet's coffee and any flavor of Spark!  If you see me out, say hello!  Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see all of my puppy antics peppered in with some pretty pictures!  Most Saturday's you'll find me at weddings and on Sunday's you'll find me at my little church.  During the week you might find me with an engaged couple or a senior down on one of the farms we shoot at or in downtown with a couple or at a creek with some littles!  Oh and if you see me at a session or wedding you might even see my son, Lucas who is an aspiring photographer (not really aspiring as he's really really good!).  Anyway, we hope to see you soon!