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Myers Family Session - A Clarksville, TN Extended Family Session

July 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When Shari first emailed me and asked for an extended family portrait session, I just knew I would love her.  We know so many of the same people and they are all so sweet that I knew she would have to be.  We chatted back and forth and I discovered THIS was her request for her anniversary gift from her precious husband.  I could tell via email that her grandson was QUITE adored.  What I didn't know, was that I was going to adore him also.

Baby L was almost one for this photoshoot.  I wish I had brought over a chair and some more little things because I could have given his own personal portrait session.  When Shari and I chatted she let me know how loved this little guy was but Shari was also EXTREMELY considerate and loving speaking of her daughter in law, son and daughter.  It just seemed like we were the perfect fit!  

When the family got out of the car everyone greeted each other with loving smiles and passed sweet L around.  The weather was SO hot that we all worried how well this session would go.  Well NOT me really.  I know that if I act crazy enough, littles will always smile and love me!  Liam was no exception.  Let me tell you about how I fell in love with him.

We got ready for the full family portraits first.  That way if baby L got upset we could do everything else and give him a break.  So I lined everyone up and dad held L.  I did a few shots, where he smiled for me, then I told everyone to look at each other and laugh.  We did not expect what happened next.  He participated in the frivolity!  He OPENED HIS MOUTH AND LAUGHED!!  

That of course caused everyone to laugh - including me!  I ran back to him and told him I sure loved him and played a bit more and got way more smiles from him.  He even wanted me to hold him and play!!!!  It was amazing!

He laughed and snuggled and played.  None of us could believe it.  He was truly a joy.  I love extended family sessions and I hope this year I can keep having more fun with them.  It seems like it was all about Liam but really it was about these two and the loving sweet family they created.  I pray they have many more anniversaries and photo sessions.  Even though it was hot, no one complained or grumped - not even baby L!  Their family is beautiful and kind and it was such a blessing to work with them!  I hope they enjoyed their time with me as much as I did them!!  Happy Anniversary Myers family!!!


Andrew + Kayla an Clarksville, Tennessee Engagement Session

June 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes my very first time meeting a couple is at their engagement session!!  That was what happened with Andrew and Kayla.  They got out of the car and I came so close to hugging Andrew while covered in bug spray - and he is allergic!!  Thankfully, the crisis was avoided.  lol!  I loved that Kayla wore a floral maxi dress.  It just fit her like a dream and she looked like she could spin like a princess!! Andrew looked handsome in his aqua polo and khakis.  We met at a local church and walked down to a public creek.  It was a little sandy down there and plenty of tiny rocks.  When we got down there to the water I was so surprised to see the mist surrounding the water.  It was super humid but it looked like clouds all around us.  Here are some of my favorites!

After we left the creek we travelled up the road a bit and went to a beautiful farm with a red barn.  We had to do a few there!!

We had a super fun time - even though it was HOT!!  I can't wait until their wedding!!!

Thomas + Jennifer A St Christopher Catholic Church Wedding Dickson, TN

June 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


On a hot and humid June 9, 2018, Thomas and Jennifer chose to commit themselves to one another forever!!  I am so happy for them - but more than that - everyone there was happy for them!  

For this wedding my second shooter was Alison and we laughed and chatted all the way to Dickson, Tennessee from Clarksville.  Mainly we talked about peaches.  lol!  We arrived at St Christopher Catholic Church a bit early so we sort of walked around and made ourselves familiar with the area!  The church was so pretty and the grounds were even prettier.

When we arrived the bride was in the begin stages of getting her dress on and she was surrounded by the most supportive and lovely women.  Even when she was hot, (where she got dress was quite warm), they found pieces of things around and fanned her off!!  I loved watching them attend to her!  When her sweet mama came in the room and saw her daughter I could tell she was so proud!


First we did a quick first look and then we went into some formal pictures.  We chose to work these inside as it was more than 91 degrees outside at this time!  I don't know if you all remember but when Thomas got out of the car at the engagement session, he immediately cracked a joke.  Well his groomsmen were a perfect fit for him with their humor and kindness.  I just loved this whole bridal party.  We finished earlier than expected as family came in and we wanted to hide the bride!

The ceremony was beautiful and I just loved their priest, Father David.  He was so sweet and just made me laugh!  I thought the ceremony was lovely and it was quite quick, I thought.  

We did finished up our formal portraits inside and then we braved the sun and heat and went to the garden on the grounds.  That garden was beautiful.  My favorite thing was the giant pine trees on the other side of the garden.  Doing wedding photography on hot days can be tricky.  I decided to finish up the portraits earlier than expected as it was just so hot.  Although it was so beautiful a setting for Jennifer and Thomas I didn't want them to look back in ten years and their first thought about their wedding be how hot it was and how miserable they were shooting formals.  So we shot quickly and ran to the reception to cool down.  I was so hot my face was blood red so I can't imagine how hot they were in a big formal dress and formal tuxedo.  

We ate a delicious meal created by Thomas's uncle.  Everyone was raving about how delicious it was!!  I loved watching everyone enjoy themselves while I had a nice cold glass of water!!  I was still hot!!  At this point the bride and groom couldn't stop smiling and everyone wanted to talk to them and hug them.  The guests were so funny too!  I loved that one of Jennifer's first teachers attended the wedding and told me how she was Jennifer's teacher and then when Jennifer became a teacher they worked together and team taught.  I loved the bond they shared and it was great to hear the stories and laughter from the guests.  

Thomas and Jennifer did their first dance and then cut their cake.  Believe it or not there was zero cake smashed in anyone's faces!

Thomas asked Jennifer's mom to dance and Thomas's dad asked Jennifer to dance.  It was so beautiful to see that moment.  I know Jennifer's father is missed by so many.  Her sweet brother gave her away and just watched over her all day.  


They had a bubble exit and my favorite thing?  THE ADULT MEN opened the bubbles early so they also had bubbles when they danced!!  It was so fun!

Thomas and Jennifer opted for an after party at The House of Brews in Dickson.  The House of Brews is a little pub in downtown Dickson.  It's so pretty in there!!!  There was a live band and they were killing it!  I think everyone just had a fun time relaxing and visiting.  That is just a tiny part of their wedding day.  It was just so incredibly beautiful and elegant.  I hope you all enjoyed the blog post.  They are an amazing couple!!

Ricky and Becca - Maternity

June 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When Becca and Ricky asked me to shoot their maternity photos I couldn't have been more excited.  You see I, we, a whole bunch of us, prayed for them to have this chance at having this moment in time.  I go to church with Becca and Ricky and Becca's family.  I sort of adopted the family and FORCED them to love me.  lol.  Anyway, parenthood didn't come quickly for them and we were just so thankful to hear that they were finally there - pregnant!!  I will never forget the video Becca sent me from when they told her parents and brother and sister in law that they were going to be adding to the family.  I cried and laughed watching their reactions and I think I watched it ten times the first night she sent it.  

We scheduled the session for late spring, a little later in pregnancy than when I normally schedule maternity sessions but I am glad we waited.  Becca is one of those women we all are jealous of, with her lovely long torso that hid pregnancy a little better than my short stature hid my baby belly.  lol However this year we went from winter to summer with no spring.  I think we were expecting 90 degree weather on the date we chose for the session.  Wisely, Becca asked if we can do it in the morning.  Bless her heart, they woke up at 5am on a Saturday, just to meet me at the farm.  The farm in Adams, Tennessee was the perfect backdrop for her maternity session!  

Even though I know it was early and we knew it would be humid, they pushed through and made magical pictures.  My favorite thing was neither of them laughed that I am afraid of cows, yet work on a cattle farm.  lol. We had to keep moving (moooooving) to keep the cows out of the shots!!  I loved all of the flowers growing around the property and since they are having a sweet boy, I had to make sure to include as many flowers as possible, since he won't want to be surrounded by them! 

Thank you guys for stopping by!!  Hopefully soon you will get to meet their sweet boy!!  

When should I schedule my senior pictures?

May 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

You or your child just finished sending their senior friends out into the world and celebrated their graduations.  That makes you a what?  SENIOR!!!  No more are the lower classman in school.  You are a mere matter of months from graduating yourself!  Moms, how did this happen???  Weren't they just watching Barney on repeat then High School Musical?  How are they the graduating high schoolers?  Come on.  Get your head in the game!  lol!  Even though you are mentally trying to block senior year out of your mind, she has the class ring, her cheerleading photo announced "SENIOR" in bold, and the school is notifying you that it's time to schedule those senior photos.  Really?  Yep!! Really!! 

Now is the time to get on the schedule of your favorite photographer, if you aren't already.  Most of us are booked through weekends right now and only have a select number of days available in our calendars.  No time to bury your head in the sand!!  Get on the portrait bandwagon.  

When is the best time for Senior Portraits?  I would say that depends on the look you want but we did most of my daughters portraits in the summertime.  There is no pressure to be somewhere.  They are tan and flowers are ONLY in bloom in the summer, in our little area in Tennessee.  If your child can do an afternoon after school then fall is another option but keep in mind, most photographers fill up their time with family sessions and weddings in the fall so you have to book early!  If you wait until Spring, it's a rush and often times the photographer charges additional fees to get the galleries to you quicker and the senior has senior-itis, not really caring about the images!  If you wait until spring you also stand the chance - the very real chance - you will be rained out multiple times.  So what is the first step?

First, find a photographer who's style you love.  Do you want your child to have gorgeous indoor sport shots?  Those take a very special niche and there are photographers excellent at that.  (Ummm not me!  I have no studio!)  Does your senior love to hunt or hang tobacco?  Does he love to golf, play baseball or canoe?  Those are all things that can be showcased.  Does she love to read or ride horses?  Does she do ballet?  Does she just like some sleek lines or country sunsets?  

Your child can showcase their favorite activity or just want to feel glamorous for a little while.  So let's talk about those favorite parts of him that he wants to share in his senior photos.

How long do they take and when should we schedule them?  We schedule them now.  Even if it's for spring, we schedule now.  Why?  If she wants hair and makeup done she needs to know in advance.  Our schedules will all fill up and the senior year flies by!!  Here at MCP we take as long as we need to capture the best in your child.  I always tell parents to plan for an hour and a half.  Most of the time the senior will want multiple locations and clothing changes.  That all takes time!

Let's do this.  Let's take one evening and feel beautiful!  Schedule those senior sessions for July and August evenings!  

You have so many options!!  I would love to hear from you soon!!


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