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Melody and Justin

June 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This is not their wedding blog but it is a little about their wedding.  I was editing this morning and thought about what a unique couple this is.  Melody and Justin were referred to me from a fellow photographer who was booked on their wedding date.  We emailed and spoke on the phone and met for the first time for their engagement session.  They were really just getting started on their wedding planning but were so sweet that I knew the day would be lovely.

On wedding day, I met Melody and all her friends and family at the bridal house they were getting ready in at Bottom View Farms.  She was so calm and smiling ear to ear.  Her makeup was done and her hair was perfect.  There was a quiet happy hum to the room but everyone was in sweet spirits - even Melody and Justin's dog Max!  As we were taking some detail shots of the dress Melody came over and quietly touched my arm.  She requested that I check on Justin.  She didn't know where her phone was and they didn't have great service in the area of the house, so they hadn't spoken all day.  She knew he would be nervous worrying about - her.  She was nervous about him worrying about her.  Neither of them were worried about the day or the weather we were expecting.  Neither worried about bridal party not getting along or family fights.  None of that crossed their minds!!  She wanted me to check on Justin and let him know she was excited to see him.  This is what makes them so special to me.  


When I arrived at the reception barn and outdoor wedding area I could hear the murmur of male conversation, but more than that I could hear laughter.  That warmed my heart.  We weren't down there 5 minutes before Justin came out to say hi.  The first thing he asked?  If I had spoken to Melody yet.  I assured him I had and that she was not nervous but instead excited to see him.  He immediately looked like a weight left him.  Why?  Because he was worried about her and her comfort.  Just as she had been concerned for his.  NEITHER OF THEM MENTIONED WEATHER - EVEN THOUGH STORMS WERE POSSIBLE.  


When I walked into where the men were getting ready I noticed something right away.  There was a comfort among these men that comes from years of knowing each other.  They had history.  They were men who knew each others silly stories and shared them with each other and us.  They were true friends.  That explained all the laughter.  Later in the day, they would show what kind of men they were and they impressed me so!

As I went back to get ready for the first look I assured Melody that Justin was good - just worried for her - just as she suspected.  I explained how funny these guys were!  She just laughed because she knew they would be.  After the first look we did bridal party shots before rain came in.  Melody and Justin were more worried about getting pictures with their friends than they were about a million formals of themselves.  They wanted the fun of the day documented.  As I was editing these I had to delete so many because the bridal party was laughing throughout the time I shared with them.

I did manage to get some serious ones that were far more traditional but I thought these laughing ones were more who this couple was and who their friends were.

While I was photographing the ladies I noticed something.  Not one bridesmaid was negative or unhappy!  They wanted Melody to be comfortable and happy.  It was just fun and beauty.  I could tell these ladies could be family and their closeness and joy felt for Melody was so obvious to see.  I feel like these people they invited into their bridal party showed the type of couple Justin and Melody are.  They are aware of others feelings and their concern for others is shown in a million different ways.  When the rain came in with the clap of thunder and lightening, the groomsmen showed up at the reception barn dressed in their tuxedo's and ran back and forth to the outside ceremony site to grab chairs.  They moved tables and fans.  They wiped down wet chairs and they checked with me to ask about how the pictures would look with this moved here.  One of the groomsmen remarked that the pictures would last forever so there was nothing to heavy to relocate.  That is the type of people Justin and Melody know.  The ceremony turned out so romantic and so beautiful.  I can't wait to share the whole wedding with you all.  I just could not let another day pass without remarking on the care Justin and Melody have for one another and the sweet souls they asked to be part of their wedding party.  I hope all enjoy this little glimpse into the day.



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