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Spring Double Wedding

April 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Do you participate in the "word of the year"?  I do.  Every year my word is different and it keeps me open and points me toward a new goal for the year.  This year my word is "ADVENTURE".  I was praying about my word and focusing on it and really wondering how I would use that word when I got a simple message asking if I was available on March 31, 2018 for her small wedding.  THEN she explained that the guest list was small but it would be a double wedding.  WHAT?  I haven't actually heard of many people doing those so I asked lots of questions.  I found out Ashley wanted what I hope, I specialize in.  She wanted her day captured in a fun way.  She said she loved my work too which was a great plus!  lol!

This is Ashley and Jay.

I communicated with Ashley quite a bit.  She really wanted her day captured as she married her true love.  

This is Pam and Simpson.  I didn't speak to Pam as much but I knew she was super sweet and I knew she was marrying the man she loved because her requests were, "candids" "Pam and Simpson" and "Pam and Sandy".  (Sandy is her beautiful sister and maid of honor.)

When we pulled into the property I knew these were my people.  There were men manning the meat in a giant smoker.  They all smiled and waved when we pulled in and two men, Jay and Simpson, immediately ran over to meet us.  Another family member asked to carry our bags.  These were nice looking, smiling, helpful happy men.  

The wedding took place at a family owned hunting cabin in Crofton, KY.  It was such a pretty drive from Clarksville!  March 31 was still a little chilly but the forecasted rain quickly moved and changed to where it was scheduled to come in that evening.  When we arrived the sky was blue and the sun was bright - but it was still cold!!  LOL!  We went in and met Pam, Sandy and some wonderful friends of theirs.  The hunting lodge was definitely a man space!  The bathroom made me laugh so hard.  There was an open closet, I wished I had photographed because it was so so perfect for a man space.  It held probably 20 cans of shaving cream, nearly that many bottles of peroxide and every assortment of bandage you could need while drinking all day while hunting and chopping and smoking meat.  lol!!  

Sandy was completely ready already and Ashely was still having hair and makeup done when we arrived.  (We always arrive way early. lol)  We sent the men to get ready soon after getting there and then it was time to begin first looks.  I thought Simpson was the absolute sweetest in response to seeing Pam.  It took my breath away to see his love for her.  

I loved their first look.  LOVED IT!

While they went inside to warm up we got Jay ready for his first look!

Side note:  Christina from Saved By Grace Photography was my second shooter on this day.  She has zero body fat so she was super cold.  Plus she didn't feel great.  You'd never know if you'd been there and she shot all the male details while I was getting brides ready and I loved these shots!!  (Second shooters are my fav!)

All day I could tell these people were in love.  ALL. DAY.  

Earlier in the day we had scoped out some lovely places to do formals of each couple and some bridal party pictures.  I took way too many both before and after the ceremony so I should share.  I loved Ashley's strapless lace dress she wore with cowgirl boots.  The wind caused the dress to flow around her ankles and I thought when she danced or walked she looked like Cinderella at the ball.  I think she chose the perfect hair style to match her dress and just looked so pretty.  The men - forget about it - what is it they say about a man in uniform??  HANDSOME!!!  Pam chose the coolest dress.  It was a white high low dress with slight ruffles and as the wind blew it fanned out like it was made for wind.  These couple couldn't have been more beautiful!

Did I mention Simpson and Jay are father and son?  I should have!!

They were so pretty!  Soon people began to pour in and boy were they excited to help and watch these couple get married.  We had the straw everyone sat on, covered so nothing would blow away and guests went to work right away, setting everything up.  Soon it was time for the ceremony to begin.  

Then we did some family formals and finally it was time for the reception!  Cake cutting was first on the list!

Then we did the first dances!!

They set up a few areas they really wanted portraits at, one area was the tractor.  Pam even made super cute pillows!!!!  I put them in this cute collage of details.

There was also this super adorable field and barn with just the right light.  I had to do some there too!  Can you believe we got all of this in around 3 and a half hours?  AND THEY FED US!!!!  Ashley and Pam looked at the back of the camera several times in the day.  Instead of being worried and wanting more more more, the ladies decided we shot more than they could have imagined and they all went in to change and left the family in charge of us and making sure we filled our plates.  Um we should have gotten pictures of that.  lol!  We ate like kings.  I went back for seconds.  Every single person there treated us like family.  No one minded us taking the couples away for portraits and they were just all together kind.  I feel blessed that I went on this adventure.  Pam sent us home with these cute blankets that she put their initials on.  I will leave you with a few more pretty images.  Can I book all the small weddings and elopements?  I loved it!




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